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ACUTEAssessement of Cardioversion Using Transesophageal Echocardiography (study)
ACUTEAccountants Computer Users Technical Exchange
ACUTEAnalysis of Coronary Ultrasound Thrombolysis Endpoints (cardiology)
ACUTEAdolescent and Child Urgent Threat Evaluation (psychology)
ACUTEAntrim County United Through Ecology (Michigan)
ACUTEAssociation of Credit Union Trainers and Educators
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And I remember, in frequent discourses with my master concerning the nature of manhood in other parts of the world, having occasion to talk of lying and false representation, it was with much difficulty that he comprehended what I meant, although he had otherwise a most acute judgment.
Every now and then Sancho gave vent to deep sighs and dismal groans, and on Don Quixote asking him what caused such acute suffering, he replied that, from the end of his back-bone up to the nape of his neck, he was so sore that it nearly drove him out of his senses.
The contrast between the swift and complex movements of these contrivances and the inert panting clumsiness of their masters was acute, and for days I had to tell myself repeatedly that these latter were indeed the living of the two things.
There was an acute interest in all their faces dur- ing this exchange of view points.
The beaver, possessing an acute sense of smell, is soon attracted by the odor of the bait.
The Phase IIa MITI-IA study will enroll up to 20 patients with acute vertebro-basilar artery occlusion, a subset of acute stroke patients who have a particularly high mortality rate.
Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis (AHC) is a rapidly progressive and highly contagious viral disease that is primarily caused by 2 distinct enteroviruses: enterovirus 70 (EV70) and a variant of coxsackievirus A24 (CA24v).
Acute high-level exposure, which is less common, causes early symptoms of diminished appetite, malaise, and low fever.
Women are less susceptible to high altitude pulmonary symptoms but equally susceptible to acute cerebral problems.
The researchers then looked at these immune responses in 3 individuals diagnosed with PHI (specifically during symptomatic acute retroviral syndrome) who had begun combination antiretroviral therapy before seroconversion.