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ACUTEAssessement of Cardioversion Using Transesophageal Echocardiography (study)
ACUTEAccountants Computer Users Technical Exchange
ACUTEAnalysis of Coronary Ultrasound Thrombolysis Endpoints (cardiology)
ACUTEAdolescent and Child Urgent Threat Evaluation (psychology)
ACUTEAntrim County United Through Ecology (Michigan)
ACUTEAssociation of Credit Union Trainers and Educators
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Her feelings are tolerably acute, and she is so charmingly artless in their display as to afford the most reasonable hope of her being ridiculous, and despised by every man who sees her.
His enthusiasm was sincere and his criticism acute.
At night, one could distinguish nothing of all that mass of buildings, except the black indentation of the roofs, unrolling their chain of acute angles round the place; for one of the radical differences between the cities of that time, and the cities of the present day, lay in the façades which looked upon the places and streets, and which were then gables.