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ACVAir Cushion Vehicle
ACVApple Cider Vinegar
ACVApple-Cider Vinegar (nutrition)
ACVActual Cash Value
ACVAnalyse du Cycle de Vie (French: Lifecycle Analysis)
ACVArmored Core V (gaming)
ACVAteliers du Cap-Vert (French: Cape Verde Workshops; watercraft producer; Senegal)
ACVAir Control Valve
ACVAlgemeen Christelijk Vakverbond (Belgian Christian Trade-Union)
ACVAttitude (Data) Collection Verification
ACVAustria Center Vienna
ACVArmored Combat Vehicle
ACVAdobe Curves File
ACVAmazing Crystal Vision
ACVAccident Cérébro-Vasculaire (French: Cerebrovascular Accident)
ACVAnnual Contract Value (finance)
ACVAutocovariance (function)
ACVAsian CineVision
ACVAll-Commodity Volume
ACVAntecubital Vein
ACVArtisans Center of Virginia
ACVAlberto-Culver Company (stock symbol; Melrose Park, IL)
ACVAnálisis de Ciclo de Vida (Spanish: Life Cycle Analysis)
ACVAtlantique Concept Voile (French boat rental company)
ACVAutomobil-Club Verkehr Bundesrepublik Deutschland
ACVAnterior Cardiac Vein
ACVApproved Contract Value
ACVAircraft Cockpit Video
ACVAssociation des Commerçants de Vesoul (French: Association of Vesoul Traders; Vesoul, France)
ACVAluminium Center Vlaanderen (Dutch: Aluminum Center Flanders; Flanders, Belgium)
ACVAccess Control Verification
ACVArcata, CA, USA - Arcata/Eureka Airport (Airport Code)
ACVArmored Command Vehicle
ACVAssociation Canadienne de Vexillologie (Canada)
ACVAsser Christelijke Voetbalvereniging (Netherlands)
ACVAlternating Current Voltammetry
ACVAll Commodity Value (business metric)
ACVAt-Completion Variance
ACVArmored Cannon Vehicle
ACVAddress Control Vector
ACVAN/UYS-2 COTS Variant (US Navy)
ACVAlps Cable Vision (Nagano, Japan)
ACVAlfa Club des Volcans (French Alfa Romeo club)
ACVAuxiliary Aircraft Carriers (CVE) (obsolete) (US Navy)
ACVAdministrative Control Value
ACVAccount Current Value
ACVAutomobile Club de Vichy (French: Automobile Club of Vichy; Vichy, France)
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Total ACV was up 115 percent year-over-year, and new business ACV was up 168 percent year-over-year for the fourth quarter.
The cost to replace is a factor only when that cost is less than the ACV of the property; in most instances this is not likely.
ACV is also helpful for soothing sunburns, healing dry scalps, disinfecting cuts, and assuaging sore throats.
The acetic acid in ACV increases the body's absorption of important minerals from the food you eat.
23) Therefore, they are not included in an ACV estimate.
Se diseno un estudio retrospectivo-descriptivo, basado en los registros de las evaluaciones clinicas de ingreso y seguimiento de todos los pacientes con ACV que asistieron a la consulta de rehabilitacion del Instituto de Ortopedia Roosevelt y del Centro de Investigacion en Fisiatria y Electrodiagnostico, CIFEL, en Bogota (Colombia), desde noviembre del 2006 hasta septiembre del 2013.
Hasik said if Lockheed wins the ACV contract as a solo act it would prove that the company can hack it as a ground vehicle manufacturer.
ACV is a non-profit program that provides free air transportation to injured veterans, active duty military and family members traveling for medical, rehabilitative care and veteran's programs.
1% fluorometholone eye drops, 3 times per day until resolution of HSK; positive control acyclovir (ACV) group was topically adopted the same ophthalmic gel and eye drops and additionally received oral ACV 400 mg 5 times a day for 10 weeks and followed by 400 mg 2 times per day for 6 months; test GCV group was topically adopted the same treatment as negative control group and additionally received oral GCV 1000 mg 3 times per day for 8 weeks.
2012), and to present the abstraction of the PAH in a CH through the variable of the PTARM evaluated with a ACV through an analysis of the dynamic environmental context of the physical domain categorized as CH (Castelletti, 2010; Reed, 1999; Rizzoli A.
The strength of the ACV is demonstrated by the Magic Lantern.