ACVBAmerican College of Veterinary Behaviorists
ACVBAnchorage Convention and Visitors Bureau
ACVBAtlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau (Atlanta, Georgia)
ACVBAlbuquerque Convention and Visitors Bureau
ACVBAkita Convention & Visitors Bureau (Japan)
ACVBAorto-Coronary Venous Bypass (cardiology)
ACVBAdriamycin, Cyclophosphamide, Vindesine, Bleomycin
ACVBAssociation des Cycles et Véhicules Bernardet (French: Bernadette Association of Cycles and Vehicles; Bernadette, France)
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Officers from the 1003rd Brigade, 10th Infantry Division, Davao City police and barangay and city officials comprise the ACVB.
The ACVB is composed of the 1003rd Infantry Brigade, the Davao City Police Office and concerned barangay and city officials.
Thus, from the results of viscosity and viscoelasticity, ACVB was inferred to undergo less change in its internal structure when subjected shear stress and to have properties of softness compared with the other ointments.
Neese, at ACVB, says the city is often a jumping off point for people just arriving in the state or a place to cram as much as possible in before having to leave after a cruise.
In celebration, the ACVB launched an "Excitement is BUILDING!" campaign, announcing the new stadium and Glorypark, a million square foot shopping, restaurant and entertainment development that will stretch from Rangers Ballpark to the billion-dollar stadium across the street.
In 2006 the ACVB will be focused on bringing more mid-size and large conventions to our city to ensure the success of the expanded civic and convention facility.
That, essentially, is Stokan's job--to make sure that Atlanta is, indeed, the sports capital of the world, a title conferred upon the city by sportscaster Bob Costas several years ago at an annual meeting of the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau (ACVB).
According to Kathleen Bertrand, vice president of Member and Community Affairs of the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau (ACVB), the city promotes to black meeting planners.
Ernesto C Torres Jr., the commander of the Army's 1003rd Infantry Brigade, said the Area Clearing Validation Board (ACVB) composed of officers from 1003rd Infantry Brigade, 10th Infantry Division, Davao City Police Office and Barangay Captains from the concerned 21 barangays convened to validate the recommendation of the Evaluation Board for the clearing of said barangays.
Perhaps they worry about controlling the pet or that something painful will happen or there is a serious medical problem," said Debra Horwitz, DVM, ACVB, of Veterinary Behavior Consultations in St.
Gaskins, DVM, Dipl ACVB, Dipl ACAW, and Laura Hungerford, DVM, MPH, PhD
* DACVB: At the top of the behaviorist food chain is the "veterinary behaviorist"--a veterinarian who meets the rigorous qualifications set by the American College of Veterinary Behavior (ACVB) and passes the two-day veterinary board exam in behavior.