ACVOAmerican College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists
ACVOAberdeen Council of Voluntary Organisations (UK)
ACVOArlington County Volunteer Office (Virginia)
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Jane Russell, partnership manager at ACVO, said: "This project grew out of work we had previously done linking the third sector dementia support provision in the city.
Service and Working animals can be registered through the month of April atthe ACVO Eye Exam website (
The program, to date, has treated more than 60,000 service animals and has seen the number of participating ACVO members, who volunteer their time and resources, increase to nearly 300.
A spokesman for ACVO said: "We can advise that Ian Paterson, chief executive, has resigned."
Raina Dey, a spokeswoman for ACVO, said she doesn't have names of any veterinarians in the Lane County area who might be providing the screenings.
We at the DAV are so grateful the ACVO is offering this service to help identify potential health problems and keep these dog and handler teams together for a lone time."
ACVO plans to hold the annual ACVO/Merial National Service Dog Eye Exam Event again in May 2011.
La Arteria Cerebelar Ventral Oral (ACVO), irriga tambien la parte anterior y ventral del cerebelo.
"Sometimes the signs of glaucoma can be very vague, such as the cat sleeping more or acting a little head shy when you go to pet him on the top of the head," says ophthalmologist Kenneth Pierce, DVM, MS, ACVO, at Cornell University Veterinary Specialists in Stamford, Conn.
Parrish, who has long studied canine parvovirus and the canine influenza virus, the six-member faculty advisory board consists of ophthalmologist Eric Ledbetter, DVM, ACVO; clinical pathologist Tracy Stokol, B.Sc, Ph.D.; internal medicine specialist Kenneth Simpson, BVMS, Ph.D.; reproductive biologist Alex Travis, VMD, Ph.D.; Adam Boyko, Ph.D., whose research focuses on the genomic investigation of dogs as a model of genetic disease; and Vicki Meyers-Wallen, VMD, Ph.D., who researches the genetic causes of inherited disorders of sexual development in dogs, defects that have proven very difficult to eliminate from many purebred breeding lines.
The American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO) will host its annual National Service Dog Eye Examination, which brings together veterinary ophthalmologists and thousands of service dogs for free exams.