ACVRAmerican Center for Voting Rights
ACVRAutomotive Cluster Vienna Region (Vienna, Austria)
ACVRAmerican College of Veterinary Radiology
ACVRActivin A Receptor
ACVRAnterior Coronary Vascular Resistance (cardiology)
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The algorithms resulting from this research have been validated and widely utilized in clinical practice for the estimation of aCVR in various populations worldwide [12], since they allow for risk stratification.
S Mohan, DTC ACVR division manager proposed a vote of thanks.
Thor Hearne's now-vanished ACVR lobbied for strict voter-ID laws in nine states, according to McClatchy and other news organizations.
As ACVR ran a national media campaign promoting the specter of voter fraud, their principals were lobbying U.S.
Anderson, DVM, Dipl ACVR, from The Raptor Center, College of Veterinary Medicine-University of Minnesota, 1920 Fitch Avenue, St.
Williams, DVM, MS, Dipl ACVR, and Christoph Mans, Dr Med Vet, Dipl ACZM
Garner, DVM, Dipl ACVP, Rebecca Smedley, DVM, MS, Dipl ACVP, Dana Neelis, DVM, MS, Dipl ACVR, and Carlos R.
Alexander, DVM, Lynn Griffin, DVM, MS, Dipl ACVR (Radiation Oncology), and Matthew S.