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ACVR2BActivin A Receptor, Type IIB
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Other genes important for enhancing osteodastogenesis including CD200, ACVR2B, TLR4, and CTSO were also down-regulated in the BF treatment group.
(a) microRNA miR-516-5p miR-517 * miR-526a miR-525 miR-520a * Number of 349 179 212 340 352 predicted target genes Unique target genes Shared with miR-525 CCR2 FAS BCAP29 TOX ACVR2B CD109 IL6ST CD24 AHSA2 CD1A IL9R CD302 ATRN DNAJC25 IRAK3 CFLAR CD2 FLT1 LILRA2 DNAJC21 CD300LB IL17RE MTDH HSP90AA1 CD46 IRAK1 PAPPA IGFBP1 CD93 LILRB5 TLR2 HSF5 PDCD6IP TNFRSF19 IGF1R SOCS2 TNFSF15 IL10RA TRAF6 MMD2 PPARA TLR7 VSIG4 All the targets were predicted by a bioinformatics tool MirTarget2 using miRDB online database.
Some studies have demonstrated that human orthologue of the Nodal signaling genes, ACVR2B (12), LEFTYA (13) and CFC1 (14), were mutated in patients with heterotaxia.