ACWRArchivists for Congregations of Women Religious (Ohio)
ACWRAfrican Centre for Water Research (Cape Town, South Africa)
ACWRAnchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge (Alaska)
ACWRAberdeen, Carolina and Western Railroad
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The number of whales seen within the ACWR was 36% higher than areas outside of the ACWR with 310 whales seen within the ACWR and 197 whales seen outside the refuge (Figs.
The MotoX site was the only one surveyed all 4 yr, due to its importance as an overlook of the ACWR and its proximity to Campbell Creek, Fire Island, and the physical center of FAR's stewardship efforts.
People have long observed beluga whales offshore along the 16-mi ACWR, usually during the ice-free months of the year (Carlson (27)).
Individual athletes' daily ACWR values were outside of the previously described 'safe zone' (0.8-1.3) for injury risk reduction on a total of 228 days (32%) across the study period.
A significant interaction effect was observed between Ln [rMSSD.sub.week] and ACWR z-score tertiles (P = 0.009).
A clear interaction effect was identified, such that the risk of overuse problems was substantially increased when a 'low' Ln [rMSSD.sub.week] was seen in combination with a 'high' ACWR. In contrast, high ACWRs were well-tolerated when Ln [rMSSD.sub.week] remained 'normal' or was 'high'.
Indeed, in the present study a reduction in HRV (low Ln [rMSSD.sub.week]) concurrent with increases in workloads (high ACWR) was associated with a very likely higher (RR: 2.61) probability of reporting an overuse injury in the subsequent week.
Obtaining high chronic training loads (i.e., 'fitness'), without rapid spikes in workloads (i.e., an ACWR greater than ~1.3) is currently considered the 'best practice' approach for optimising performance whilst minimising injury risk in elite sport (Gabbett, 2016).