ACWTAverage Customer Wait Time
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Additionally, at this session a 13 repetition maximum (RM) was obtained for each of the free weight exercises to be used in the three protocols (TRAD, ACWT, CWIT).
Outlines of the three different workout protocols (TRAD, ACWT, CWIT) and descriptions of mini-circuit weight exercises ([A.
The ACWT workout involved the same free weight exercises and mini-circuit stations ([A.
TRAD, ACWT, and CWIT were performed by all subjects in a counterbalanced order [greater than or equal to] 72 hr apart for measures of BLA, HR, and RPE at pre-exercise and following completion of each of three mini-circuit stations ([A.
TRAD, ACWT, CWIT consisted of the same free weight exercises, and each workout was approximately 40 min duration.
To compute the ACWT for stocked and nonstocked requisitions, begin by computing the CWT for each stocked item.
Once ACWT numbers are produced for stocked and nonstocked item requisitions, they must be combined proportionately to accurately represent an ACWT metric for a given customer.
Computing the ACWT for two or more customers requires proportionate combining of stocked requisitions and nonstocked requisitions.
Compute ACWT for each customer's stocked (S) and nonstocked (NS) item requisitions separately.
Multiply customer "a's" percent from step 3 by customer "a's" ACWT for stocked items.
AOR ACWT Performance--Weekly we compute wait times, by theater, geographic region, and by ship type.
Opportunities exist in all areas of responsibilities, including in CONUS to reduce costs and improve ACWT simply by more intelligently positioning material.