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ACWTAverage Customer Wait Time
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The purpose of this study was to determine if differences existed in BLA, HR, and RPE responses during exercise with three different circuit weight-training protocols (TRAD, ACWT, CWIT).
Three acute workouts of similar duration (approximately 40 minutes) included a traditional circuit weight training (TRAD) workout, an aerobic circuit weight training (ACWT) workout, and a combined circuit weight-interval training (CWIT) workout.
Average Customer Wait Time (ACWT) Access and Training The objective for the Average Customer Wait Time (ACWT) project was to provide an introduction and training to the aviation logistics Marines with 2nd MAW (FWD) and MALS-40.
Once in Afghanistan, the ACWT reports were taking too long and errors would occur due to the queries "timing out".
Current medical materiel management systems allow for the measurement of ACWT by line item; however, no regulatory guidance delineates how to compute this metric for a supply chain.
Combining the measurements of more than one requisition, more than one type of requisition, or more than one customer changes the CWT metric to an ACWT metric.
ACWT, however, was a full 40 percent less than the rest of the ships with embarked air dets.
The Measure Phase established baseline ACWT of 3.6 hours and a 100 percent accuracy rate.
Implementation of this initiative will improve transportation segment possession times and reduce ACWT.
Our coordinated efforts are focused on reducing ACWT through process efficiencies, and synchronization, while reducing distribution costs and improving customer support for all Joint forces.
Our success rate in approved ACRs as a result is one of the highest in the Navy, and the tool is helping Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Depot and Acquisition Support Division focus on those critical stock items necessary to reduce awaiting parts and ACWT. In addition, our stock item managers are using the information to then expedite C 1/C2 stock requirements that appear to be reaching a critical state.
They don't need to measure those processes that are not a hindrance to "Available Asset." If ACWT is not a driver in this equation, it shouldn't occupy my time.