ACXActive Control Experts (industrial engineering consultants; Cambridge, MA)
ACXAvailable Chemicals Exchange
ACXAustralian Climate Exchange
ACXAsia Carbon Exchange (Asia Carbon Global)
ACXAssistant Chief Executive (South Holland, UK)
ACXAdvanced Combat Experimental
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ACX enables online auditions and project management systems, and features programs to help authors learn how to narrate their own books.
ACX Host establishes its competitive pricing by being a YesUp Ecommerce Solutions reseller.
ACX said last week it expects a favorable IRS ruling within 10 days.
At Ralston Purina, Sapient, and ACX Technologies, all of which have co-CEO leadership structures, the people involved have a lengthy tenure with the company, as well as clearly defined areas of expertise.
Ojalvo added, "The prodigious output of quality audio titles from ACX in 2012 surpassed the number of titles added to the Audible store in 2012 from our top three audio providers combined.
Sam Owusu-Akyaw, Osteotech's President and Chief Operating Officer, stated, "The GraftCage(TM) ACX is the first in a series of new products from Osteotech manufactured from PEEK material that we expect to introduce into the market over the course of 2006.
He will also explain how the acquisition of ACX fits into Cymer's long-term strategy of assembling a portfolio of leading edge and enabling technologies to address new market opportunities in the semiconductor nanofabrication field.
stock prices dropped as NASDAQ trading began for its new spinoff, ACX Technologies Inc.
Gaiman uses ACX to curate and produce an exclusive group of handpicked titles never before available in unabridged audio
a leading privately held supplier of precision motion control technology, today announced that they have signed a definitive agreement whereby Cymer will acquire ACX in an all-stock transaction.
By directly connecting professional authors and other book rights holders with actors, studios, and publishers, ACX serves the tremendous demand for audiobooks created by the growth of the digital audiobook sector.
Berth occupancy was maintained at the Port at 54% on Sunday where a total of six ships namely ACX Rafflesia, Maersk Utah, Else Trader, M.