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ACZAce Combat Zero (game)
ACZAgro-Climatic Zone
ACZArid Canyon Zone (gaming; Sonic Robo Blast 2)
ACZAir Combat Zone
ACZAero Club Zwickau (German: Zwickau Flying Club; Germany)
ACZAssembly Coder's Zenith
ACZAshtekar, Corichi, Zapata
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Complexes 3c (IC50 = 0.09 uM), 4c (IC50 = 0.07 uM) and 6c (IC50 = 0.08 uM ) having substitution of halo groups on para positions show excellent activity against enzyme carbonic anhydrase with IC50 value much better than that of ACZ which is used as standard carbonic anhydrase inhibitor in this assay.
*rCVR to ACZ: ([rCBF after ACZ challenge − rCBF at rest]/rCBF at rest) x100% *Asymmetry index: (rCBF at rest on the CAS side/rCBF at rest on the contralateral side) x100%.
Styles of coping with stress Style Country/points Poland Belarus [bar.x] Me s [bar.x] Me s Task-oriented 45.1 41.0 10.4 58.4 59.5 8.3 (SSZ) Emotion- 38.3 38.5 6.8 43.3 43.0 8.5 oriented (SSE) Avoidant 39.4 39.0 5.3 44.1 45.0 8.2 (SSU) Distraction 15.5 16.0 3.2 15.5 14.5 5.0 seeking (ACZ) Social 13.8 13.0 3.4 18.0 18.0 4.1 diversion (PKT) Style Country/points France P [bar.x] Me s Task-oriented 59.1 59.0 8.4 0.0000 *** (SSZ) Emotion- 40.6 41.5 11.0 0,0888 oriented (SSE) Avoidant 47.0 47.5 7.3 0,0002 *** (SSU) Distraction 18.0 18.5 3.3 0.0180 * seeking (ACZ) Social 18.4 19.0 4.4 0.0000 *** diversion (PKT) Table 2.
The researchers also found that taking acetazolamide (ACZ), a drug frequently prescribed to prevent altitude illness, can reduce some of the risk factors associated with SHAI.
Acz nie bylze jak dziecko, co wozem leci, Powiadajac: "O!
For instance, recently Acz and [Szerb.sub.[I]] have made a renewed case for the distinction between a factor-driven stage, an efficiency-driven stage, and an innovation-driven stage of development.
Looking beyond the local perspective, Professor Zoltan Acz of George Mason University in the US focused on the projection that by 2050 there will be another three billion people in the world, and most of these will be in the so-called developing countries.
Among those that have pulled out of Iran are UBS and Credit Suisse (Switzerland), HSBC (Britain), Germany's Commerzbank A.G and Deutsche Bank ACz U.S.
The official name for the project would be an Alcohol Control Zone (ACZ).