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AChERAcetylcholinesterase (readthrough form, biochemistry)
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Lederle FA, Wilson SE, Johnson GR, Littooy FN, Acher C, Messina LM, Reinke DB, Ballard DJ; ADAM VA Cooperative Study Group.
The murgh acher was in the same league, but strikingly different.
Zbynek Vostrak (Trias) and Ivan Acher (Sur la terre, .
One day she said, "You can call the farm whatever you want to, but I think it's the Back Acher Farm.
Ernesto Acher (assorted winds, keyboards and vocal), Hugo Pierre (alto and soprano sax, clarinet), Juan Amaral (bass, guitar and vocal), Ricardo Lew (guitars and percussion), Enrique Varela (saxes, clarinet and vocal), Carlos Constantini (trumpet, flugelhorn and keyboards), Jorge Navarro (keyboards and vocal), and Enrique Roizner (percussion), together now in the "Third Edition" of La Banda Elastica, graciously collect the praises of the music establishment and the audience.
Th h Com ad be ed dri ng he acher s miss st wa t of an "So I started driving her to school and watching her go in but then later her teachers would call and say she was missing.
By Tamara Walid and John Acher,Writing by David Cowell; Editing by David Holmes)
Choreographed by Jozef Frucek of Slovakia and Linda Kapetanea of Greece it also features original music by Czech composer Ivan Acher.
Taylor Acher, a foremost scholar on proverbs, asserts that 'proverbs are the simple truths of life and contain the ethical or moral values of a society'.
acre acher an overworked gardner attic addict A closet mainliner hides away to shoot up, in this the .
line up, I mean the arrival of Ivan Acher and Marcel Barta.