ACiNWAnglican Communion in New Westminster
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That's a first in the Canadian church," said ACiNW spokesperson Chris Hawley.
In a statement, ACiNW spokesperson Lesley Bentley expressed the hope that the national church would make the same offer of episcopal oversight.
Paul Carter executive director of ACiNW and priest at Immanuel Church Westside (a church plant not affiliated with the diocese of New Westminster), said the offer of episcopal oversight "will now enable us to have relief and move forward in mission while the Anglican Communion works out how to deal with false teaching in its midst, and the impending re-alignment.
Linda Seale, an ACiNW spokesperson, said that, "for many of us, it (the meeting) was very helpful to have an opportunity to explain our issues in ways that perhaps they (the task force) had not heard before.
However, the ACiNW parishes in mid-November wrote to Archbishop Peers asking that conservative bishop William Anderson of the diocese of Caledonia be appointed to "provide true episcopal oversight on an interim basis.
The "intransigence" of the ACiNW leaders "may force our negotiations to focus on structural separation rather than reconciliation," said Bishop Ingham.
ACiNW said the meeting "yielded a good deal of what (the ACiNW) have been hoping for: protection and pastoral care to continue to live out their ministries, while still remaining conencted to the traditional teaching of the Anglican church.
However, the ACiNW parishes rejected Bishop Hockin's leadership and just one parish, St.
The ACiNW expressed disappointment with the bishops' meeting, "at which the house failed to positively address the rejection of its own guidelines by a single bishop on a matter of critical theological and pastoral importance.
Bentley added that the ACiNW was disappointed that "the house of bishops has never come to us to get our side of the story.
Bishop Buckle said, "I remain firm in my offer of episcopal oversight with jurisdiction to the parishes that form the ACiNW and those parishes in the diocese .
Two days later, the ACiNW issued its own release, countering the diocese's version of events.