ACiNWAnglican Communion in New Westminster
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In a statement issued by spokesperson Nancy Buan, ACiNW questioned why the bishops have "offered no solution" to parishes unwilling to recognize the authority of Bishop Michael Ingham of New Westminster while allowing General Synod to decide on a motion affirming the jurisdiction of the diocesan synod on the matter of same-sex blessings.
"That's a first in the Canadian church," said ACiNW spokesperson Chris Hawley.
She said that the parishes under ACiNW have been discussing what steps they should take should the motion be passed but that "little has been decided."
Seven other ACiNW member congregations are "mulling their options," said the coalition.
Alban, Burnaby, was quoted on the New Westminster diocesan Web site article as having said that while the split has "really not affected our church," he felt badly that it has turned New Westminster into "a very white diocese; we have lost many of our Asian parishes." Three parishes with Chinese-speaking congregations and one Japanese-speaking parish have joined the ACiNW.
However, the ACiNW parishes in mid-November wrote to Archbishop Peers asking that conservative bishop William Anderson of the diocese of Caledonia be appointed to "provide true episcopal oversight on an interim basis."
An ACiNW spokesperson described the coalition as "cautiously optimistic." Lesley Bentley said, "We're grateful the house (of bishops) has seen a need for episcopal oversight for our parishes.
One parish--not a member of ACiNW--requested his presence and he has met with ACiNW clergy as well as clergy from parishes that do not agree with same-sex blessings but also do not wish to join ACiNW.
A coalition of 11 churches in New Westminster, ACiNW said that the primates' mention of "adequate provision for episcopal oversight of dissenting minorities" supports their call for an alternate bishop for conservatives in their diocese.
The bishops "commissioned" Bishop Buckle to provide oversight to the ACiNW parishes.
Eight New West parishes opposed to gay blessings, calling themselves the Anglican Communion in New Westminster (ACiNW), said in a statement that the implementation of the blessing rite is a "unilateral action" that "isolates the diocese and seeks to pre-empt the issue scheduled to be addressed at General Synod 2004."
The seven parishes, which call themselves the Anglican Communion in New Westminster (ACiNW), said, "An episcopal visitor, servicing only as a chaplain, coming to occasionally visit orphaned parishes in the diocese of New Westminster, is not the solution that can address such a crisis.