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AD LIBAd Libitum (Latin: Freely)
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Two hundred and fifty people have tried the Ad Lib challenge since June but only five have succeeded.
Exemplos desse caso sao estudos em esquemas de DRL que utilizam 98% do peso ad lib (Costa, 2003); 85% do peso ad lib (Acsadi, Buzsaki, Keszthelyi, Kiralyfalvi, & Gage, 1986; Fletcher, 1995; Jarrard & Becker, 1977; Johnson, Olton, Gage, & Jenko, 1977; Kirk, Berntson, & Hothersall, 1982; Pellegrino & Clapp, 1971; Schmaltz, Wolf, & Trejo, 1973) ou ainda, 75% do peso ad lib (Skuban & Richardson, 1975).
ROCK ON, TOMMY: Bobby (right) and Mr Cannon will have an ad lib ball at the Forum
In the Hurtwitz and Davis study, a daily feeding period of 1 hr caused weights to stabilize at approximately 80% of ad lib levels.
I met the guitarist Jimi of the French group Ad Lib on tour and we started writing songs together.
Ad Lib has just eight employees, but Smith said she's committed to providing them with generous medical insurance that in Sisk's case will pick up the initial $50,000 chemotherapy tab.
For him to do so ad lib and with inflammatory words poorly serves the man, his office and the communion itself in terms of conciliation and community.
As patients were fed by both conventional regimen and ad lib methods, nursing staff continued to question which method was better for patients.
These firms should be stopped from issuing catalogues ad lib to all and sundry.
Most readers of this Journal, I believe, would do well to acquire a copy (the paperback is a bargain, especially in view of the large amount of tabular and graphic material), acquaint themselves with its overall ambitions, and plunge ad lib into the empirical analysis.
In a few trials, subjects reported mentally preparing to move a few seconds before flexing, despite encouragement to make ad lib, spontaneous decisions to move.