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AD3Alzheimer Disease 3
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WPS-2 and AD3 were found in surface layers in two polar deserts in the eastern part of Antarctica.
For the yield variables, significant effect was observed only for regressions of the fertilizations interactions on the treatments L2 and L1 (Figure 3A and 3B, respectively) and for irrigations on the treatments AD1, AD2 and AD3 (Figures 3C, 3D and 3E, respectively).
Had AD3 Morris not noticed the leaky valve stem cover on preflight, the pilot in command could have found himself executing loss of directional control during take off or landing procedures from NATOPS.
Among the sponges Guettardiscyphia/ Pleuroguettardia have been found only in the Ardanatz AD3 section, and cf.
The percentages of coupling direction "MDT [right arrow] CA1" and "CA1 [right arrow] MDT" during the AD3 period in 14 seizures at stage 4~5 are illustrated in Figure 5.
The 2nd instars reared on AD3 took significantly less time to develop to the 3rd instar than those fed AD2.
Para el sistema de aplicacion equipado con puntas hidraulicas se utilizo solamente el ramal inferior del deflector, provisto de 13 puntas de chorro conico vacio modelo AD3 con difusor AC 45.
Items Apoyo de la AD1 La Direccion apoya nuestros esfuerzos direccion para mejorar el departamento de logistica AD2 La Direccion considera que la logistica es una parte vital de nuestra estrategia corporativa AD3 La vision logistica es importante para la mayoria de los directivos de la empresa AD4 El Director de logistica esta bien situado en la Direccion de la empresa AD5 LA DIRECCION ENFATIZA EL PAPEL ESTRATEGICO DE LA FUNCION LOGISTICA AD6 La Direccion satisface la mayoria de las peticiones de aumentar los recursos del area logistica AD7 La Direccion apoya la necesidad de sistemas de informacion entre empresas Alpha de Var.
The variation from location to location, most noticeable between AD3 and the three other participants in the Anstey Hill system, also shows the difficulty of generalizing exposures on the basis of assumptions about consistent water quality at different distribution system locations served by the same treatment plant source.
It is aiming to raise the power tariff to AD3 (US$0.
While performing a daily inspection, AD3 Alex Bolivar saw that the starboard engine tailpipe on a C-2A was sagging.
0 cm with a chaff-cutter and mixed with a concentrate mixture consisting of 35% groundnut cake, 40% maize, 22% deoiled rice bran, 2% salt and 1% mineral mixture and vitamin AD3 (20 g/qt).