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ADAAmerican Diabetes Association
ADAAmericans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (US)
ADAAmerican Dental Association
Ada[not an acronym] DoD Standard Computer Software Language named after Lady Ada Augusta Byron
ADAAverage Daily Attendance
ADAAir Defense Artillery
ADAAmerican Dietetic Association
ADAAustralian Dental Association
ADAAlternative Distribution Alliance
ADAAssistant District Attorney
ADAAge Discrimination Act of 1975
ADAAudio Design Associates
ADAAdenosine Deaminase
ADAAmericans for Democratic Action
ADAAusbildung der Ausbilder (German)
ADAAeronautical Development Agency (India)
ADAAqua Design Amano (Niigata, Japan aquarium)
ADAAmerican Dairy Association
ADAAmerican Decency Association
ADAAnti-Deficiency Act
ADAAnti-Deficiency Act (DoD Regulation 7000)
AdAAdipic Acid
ADAArizona Department of Agriculture
ADAA Découvrir Absolument (French: To Discover Absolutely; online music magazine)
ADAAdvanced Data Analysis
ADAAlberta Dental Association
ADAAfghan Development Association
ADAAutomatic Data Acquisition
ADAAdvisory Area
ADAAnalog/Digital/Analog (audio CD format, recording/mixing/mastering)
ADAAmerican Dance Awards
ADAAdvanced Digital Audio (filename extension)
ADAApplied Decision Analysis
ADAAmiga Demoscene Archive
ADAAnti-Drug Antibody
ADAAnxiety Disorders Alliance
ADAAir Defense Area
ADAAdana, Turkey - Adana (Airport Code)
ADAAthletic Dealers of America (athletic equipment dealers' association)
ADAAfter Date of Award
ADAAction for Dysphasic Adults
ADAAssociation of Disability Advocates
ADAAtmospheric Decision Aid
ADAAnnual Diocesan Appeal
ADAAlberta Dressage Association (Canada)
ADAAtomic Development Authority
ADAAirborne Data Automation
ADAAdvanced Decision Architectures (US Army Research Labs)
ADAAcetamidoiminodiacetic Acid
ADAAdd/Drop Amplifier (Pirelli)
ADAAmerican Dance Asylum
ADAAnti-Discrimination Association (Ulster)
ADAAnti-Docking Alliance (UK)
ADAAustralasian Desalination Association
ADAArray Drive Assembly
ADAArbeitsgemeinschaft Dermatologische Angiologie
ADAAncillary Data Access
ADAAll Disclaimers Apply
ADAAffiliated Data Center
ADAAutomatic Directory Assistance
ADAAlamo Dressage Association
ADAActual Date of Arrival
ADAActivity Discard Acknowledgment
ADAAcquisition Decision Authority
ADAAlternate Delay Accumulation
ADAAdult Diabetes Association
ADAAsociación de Derecho Ambiental (Spanish: Environmental Law Association)
ADAApplication Domain Authority
ADAAir Defense Authority
ADAAviation Data and Analysis (system)
ADAAdaptive Diagnosis Algorithm
ADAAmerican Defense Agency (fictitious organization in novel by Dylan Diggs)
ADAAlaska Dressage Association, Inc.
ADAAlternative Discipline Agreement
ADAAutomatic Delivery Alert
ADAAdvanced Delivery Alert
ADAAlpha Dressage Association (Florida)
ADAAnalysis & Design of Algorithms
ADAArbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Aufbereitungs-Ingenieure (German: Treatment of German Engineers)
ADAAngus Dortmans Associates, Inc (Mississauga, ON, Canada)
ADAAgents Draft Authority
ADAAlert Dispersal Area
ADAAdditional Drill Assemblies
ADAAnother Darn Acronym
ADAAsymptotic Diophantine Approximation
ADAArea Defense Administrator
ADAAsynchronous Device Adapter
ADAAssociate Director of Acquisition
ADAAssociation Dauphinoise d'Aquariophilie (French aquarium association)
ADAAtlanta Development Authority (Atlanta, GA)
ADAAutomated Data Analysis
ADAAlcohol and Drug Abuse (various meanings)
ADAAssistant Director of Admissions (various schools)
ADAAntique Dealers' Association (various locations)
ADAAdult Development and Aging (various organizations)
ADAAllowance for Doubtful Accounts (business accounting)
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8220;The outreach, training and technical assistance we have done in concert with the ADA National Network and other Regional Centers has promoted voluntary compliance with the ADA and made a huge impact in the lives of people with disabilities,” said Bob Gattis, Interim Director of the Rocky Mountain ADA Center.
Once individuals qualify for protection under the ADA, employers have an obligation to reasonably accommodate their disabilities.
Some early cases suggested judicial skepticism, but by last summer the ADA triumphalists saw the tide beginning to turn: A New York woman who had flunked the bar exam five times won a federal court order that she be given double time and other accommodations, while in another case learning-disabled students gained a partial court success against resistant officials at Boston University, enough to let their lawyers claim victory.
Though seemingly comprehensive, the ADA as civil rights legislation has shortcomings in regard to issues of health care coverage.
Out of more than a thousand crucial chemical links in the ADA enzyme copy, the single incorrect link has been replaced by precisely the right one.
He also reviewed the "20 percent rule," citing as an example that a construction project budgeted for $1 million, spending $100,000 on ADA requirements would require an additional $100,000 to be spend on "path of travel.
It just absolutely cured the population of cells by the transfer of the ADA gene.
The ADA formulation also notable for its ability to remove both arsenite and arsenate, and its effectiveness at a wider pH range of 6.
The not-for-profit ADA is the nation's largest dental association, representing more than 156,000 dentist members.
The ADA HIPAA Security Kit is designed to make staff training simple by including a PowerPoint presentation and a downloadable PowerPoint viewer.
To make matters worse, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC), the agency charged with enforcing the ADA, and the courts often disagree on the statute's meaning.