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ADABAssociation of Development Agencies in Bangladesh
ADABAustralian Development Assistance Bureau
ADABAsian Development Assistance Board (Liaoning, China)
ADABAlcohol and Drug Advisory Board
ADABAgricultural Development Agencies in Bangladesh
ADABAl Dhafra Air Base (US and United Arab Emirates)
ADABAction pour le Développement de l'Afrique à la Base (French: Agenda for the Development of Africa in the Base; Cameroon)
ADABANSF (Afghanistan National Security Forces) Development Assistance Bureau (US Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction)
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Does the lack of replacements for Faiz and Jalib not represent a lack of focus on mazahmati adab amongst contemporary poets?
As with most Adab texts published nowadays, the tablets edited by Molina were excavated illicitly.
Iqbal from PharmEvo pointed out that we are dealing with the healthcare professionals and apart from our routine pharmaceutical business, we realized that we must make some contribution to the society by way of promoting Urdu Adab as well.
Dar Al Adab Among the many publishers, Dar Al Adab from Lebanon stood out from the rest as they are a 75-year-old, family owned publishing company with Booker prize award winning Arabic translated books on display.
High levels of ADAb were found in 29% of patients taking adalimumab and 21% of the patients taking infliximab.
His more significant contributions, "Al Adab Al Kabir" (Great Learning), "Al Adab Al Saghir" (Small Learning), and "Risalah fil-Sahabah" (Letters in Friendship), were replete with political advice to the caliph and his courtiers.
Laayoune - La 4eme edition du forum "Oyoune Al adab al arabi" s'est ouverte, vendredi a Laayoune, sous le theme "la litterature du Sahara, thematique creatrice en litterature arabe".
Adab is a shariahofficial for al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula.
Adab Mobile provides customers with a daily Arabic poem sent by SMS according to their preferred category selection.
Just as it says on the tin, Shabaan's new song 'Al Isa'ah Lilrasool Qilat Adab Qilat Usool' (Demeaning the Prophet is Ill Mannered and Shows Lack of Ethics) puts music to the embittered feelings of his fellow Muslims
We still have customers who want a traditional fanous with a lighted candle inside," says Abu Adab, 63, a farsha owner.
The relationship of the concept of adab and those values of the influential practice of Sufism to literary reception and performance is discussed skilfully.