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Led by Ms Mercy Arthur, Senior State Attorney, ASP Adaba explained that the area where Aisha and her four accomplices mined was in a deplorable state, so the police hired drones to capture the activities at an area known as School Mu, a suburb of Bepotenten in the Ashanti Region.
(14) Team 1: Ramadan Harun (Gwama and Komo speaker) and Wendemu Zeleke (Gwama and Komo speaker); Team 2: Matiwos Adaba (speaker of Koman Mao; cf.
Banji Adaba & Co, Estate Surveyors and Valuers is one of the biggest estate firms in Nigeria and also one of the largest advertisers in the Daily Herald Newspaper.
Adam, Mar 2 (ONA) The Omani Camel Race Association supported by the Tourism Ministry organized an endurance race (marathon) for 20 Km at Al Adaba race track in the Wilayat of Adam today with participation of more than 80 camels under the auspices of Sheikh Awadh bin Abdullah al Manthri, Wali of Adam in the presence of Sheikh Said bin Saud al Ghufaili, Chairman of the Omani Camel Race Association.
"The main goals are to develop a safe, efficient and reliable infrastructure for payments and securities settlement which will support the emerging financial markets, enhance the effectiveness of monetary policy and broad access of the public to financial services through foreign ownership An artist's impression of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia's new HQ, under construction in Addis Adaba the provision of efficient, affordable retail payment instruments."
Gajapati (Orissa), Dec 28 (ANI): The residents of Lamdang village, which comes under the jurisdiction of Adaba Police Station in Orissa's Gajapati District, staged a protest on Tuesday over the death of a youth named Pradeep Majhi under the police custody.
Paratype: [female] ETHIOPIA: Oromia Region: Bale, Adaba, 12 km E [6[degrees]59'N:39[degrees]30'E], river, 30.i.2000, A.
Gemma Adaba of the civil society group known as the International Trade Union Confederation, recalls that Blake was "just very strategic" in brokering an agreement that both developed and developing countries could live with, and in keeping issues which "all the industrialized countries have been resisting ...
Silenced them all Taqaftna hiya 'l-hizb el-wahid Our culture is the single party La qanun, la adaba With no law and no decency Qlil qlil, qlil el-haqq, Rights are few, Ktir ktir, ktir el-hogra!