ADABAAcceptable Data Base
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today announced the next generation versions of its Adabas transactional database and Natural development platform.
today announced the availability of a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) gateway as part of its new Adabas 2006 product line.
Given that Software AG is still gaining new licences for Adabas, that it is directly targeting users of IMS and VSAM to move to Adabas, that Adabas revenues are growing at between 20% and 30% per annum, and that the company has aggressive plans for introducing new features and capabilities (including real-time replication, multi-media data and storage support, an XQuery Gateway, and browser-based management facilities) during 2005, then we think it would be fair to say that if Adabas is a legacy database then the term 'legacy' ceases to have any useful meaning (if, indeed, it ever did).
TSI), a Pittsburgh-based enterprise software solutions provider, to offer real-time data integration, data auditing, and business intelligence solutions for customers on ADABAS platforms.
The ATP solution transforms Adabas databases and data to a relational database - DB2, SQL Server or Oracle - and processes Natural programming code using ATP Language (ATPL[sup.
Adabas databases and their data content are converted to industry-relational technology such as SQL Server, Oracle or DB2 for z/OS.
Our relationship with Software AG will enable Adabas customers to easily access a fantastic data masking product, but it also demonstrates Grid-Tools' continued strategy to increase the number of platforms we support in this space.
According to the company, Data Archiving for Adabas provides automated archiving functions and tools for search, verification, extraction, restore and recovery, helping organisations meet current and emerging data retention requirements, while reducing the load on the production database.
The DOR plans to use DPSync to replicate all critical mainframe Adabas data in real time to Oracle.
Reudiger Hanson, director of IT press for Software AG (SAG), said that SAP was making so many changes to its R/3 system that SAG wasn't able to develop compatible releases of its Adabas database in time enough to keep up.
Secures sensitive production data stored in Adabas in non-production environments