ADACSAustralian Distributed Architecture Combat System
ADACSAttitude Determination And Control System
ADACSAir Defense Artillery Control System
ADACSAirborne Digital Automatic Collection System
ADACSAction on Digital Addiction and Cyberstalking (advocacy)
ADACSAdvanced Data Acquisition and Collection System
ADACSAutomated Data Acquisition & Control System
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The forward-looking statements include, but will not necessarily be limited to, statements or expectations regarding future contracts, projects, technologies, project funding, ownership of ADACS, tax credits, revenues, expenses and other financial measures; the new AC plant ADACS is building; ADACS' ability to supply AC; future supply and demand; expected governmental actions; sizes of and changes in our target markets; existing litigation and related matters.
Chubb ADACS is an information management system that collates data and security information from multiple channels, protecting an organisations portfolio of assets that may be distributed over a wide geographical area.