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ADADAutomatic Dialing and Announcing Device
ADADAlcohol and Drug Abuse Division (Colorado)
ADADAssociation of Dance of the African Diaspora
ADADAnother Day Another Dollar
ADADAutomatic Dialing Announcing Devices
ADADAlzheimer Disease and Associated Disorders (journal)
ADADAirborne Division Advisory Detachment (US DoD)
ADADAir Defense Alerting Device (US Army)
ADADAfter Date of Award Document
ADADAir Defense Artillery Director
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The investigators used historical data to estimate the age of symptom onset in the ADAD subjects, and thus extrapolated the imaging findings to reflect the pathologic course.
Both Nagar and Nawali are important cultic centres, Belet-Nagar and Adad of Nawali are both cited at the beginning of this treaty and Adad of Nawali is also cited in another Leilan treaty, LT-2.
4 years, all of whom had a mutated gene for ADAD Of these individuals, 156 were "high-active" - that is, they did more than the recommended 150 minutes, or 2.
ADAD who suffered with postnatal depression has penned a heartbreaking letter to his baby daughter explaining why he "hated" her for the first 12 weeks of her life.
ADAD whose daughter was left fighting for her life after contracting a brain infection has hit out at paramedics, claiming they refused to take her to hospital.
ADAD is hoping his latest fundraising initiative will hit the right note for Birmingham Children's Hospital - after recording a song about his daughter Kiahna who has had corrective heart surgery five times at the hospital in the last eight years.
ADAD has successfully transformed his hobby making figurines of movie characters into a thriving business.
alongside this year's showcase, MDI has partnered with ADAD North to present ADAD Open Stage - an informal platform for artists working with dance forms of African diaspora who would like to showcase excerpts of their work and receive informative feedback from a guest panellist and audience participation.
The ADAD (Antipsychotic Discontinuation in Alzheimer's Disease) trial suggests that at least some patients might benefit from a longer course of antipsychotic treatment, Dr.
Phonetic symbols: c: (as in bor n) E (as in pe t) e (as in pa t) eI (as in a te) ae (as in pa t) E: (as in bur n) a: (as in bar n) n (as in sing ) I (as in pi t) aU (as in now ) 4-LETTER TAUTONYMS adad (ed aed) and its reversal dada (dae de or de da: ) anan (on aen) and its reversal nana (nae ne) eyey (aI I) gaga (gae ge) Isis (aIS IS) mama (me ma:) papa (pe pa: ...
ADAD who killed his young son by jumping from a hotel balcony with his two kids has a "good chance" of being freed this month, his lawyer said yesterday.