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ADADAlcohol and Drug Abuse Division (Colorado)
ADADAssociation of Dance of the African Diaspora
ADADAnother Day Another Dollar
ADADAutomatic Dialing Announcing Devices
ADADAlzheimer Disease and Associated Disorders (journal)
ADADAir Defense Alerting Device (US Army)
ADADAfter Date of Award Document
ADADAir Defense Artillery Director
ADADAirborne Division Advisory Detachment (US DoD)
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A platoon of up to eight Ozelots can be controlled by the command post vehicle, which mounts an Ericsson PS-91 Improved Hard 3D X-band radar and a Thales Optronics Adad Irst system.
1-20), which is subdivided into six sections: i) the gods Samas and Adad as a duo, ii) the tamitu texts, iii) the tablets, iv) related texts, v) structure and functioning of tamitus, and vi) the historical value of the tamitus.
uk ADAD Bloom Festival 2013 The second day of the festival includes children's arts and crafts activities, dance workshops, stalls, and Carnival memorabilia.
If a man owe a debt, and the god Adad has flooded his field, or the harvest has been destroyed, or the corn has not grown through lack of water, then in that year he shall not pay corn to his creditor.
The ADAD (Antipsychotic Discontinuation in Alzheimer's Disease) trial suggests that at least some patients might benefit from a longer course of antipsychotic treatment, Dr.
Loved husband and soul mate of Elan, beloved father of Virginia, inspirational Adad (grandfather) to Joseph, loved and respected future father-in-law of Gareth and cherished lap for Ronnie.
132) In contrast, the ADAD has itself been dogged by allegations of ethical improprieties and has been strikingly unsuccessful in representing Defense Counsel in fee disputes with the Registry.
Who, incidentally, based his commentary on Asad's: Mohammed Knut Bernstrom, Koranens budskap: i svensk tolkning av Mohammed Knut Bernstrom, med kommentarer av Muhamms Adad (Stockholm: Proprius Forkag, 1998).
ADAD who was diagnosed with mouth cancer is urging people to go to their dentist and get their mouth checked out.
At about this time, Theatre ADAD was commissioned to produce a piece on Restorative Practices and it became clear that arts programmes can be a very effective tool.
Tyrone, adad of two and grandfather of three who lives in Swansea, said communities, such as Port Talbot, were vulnerable to a potentially devastating impact should the job losses at Corus spread.