ADADOAssistant Division Air Defense Artillery Officer
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"We have collected dead bodies of eight pirates from the scene of the attack, and we understand that five others were arrested were taken by the rescuers," said Abduali Moalim, an official in the Adado administration.
When they arrived in Adado they were taken to a safe house, took a shower and changed clothes.
The couple, from Kent, were handed over to local officials in Adado after a ransom was reportedly paid to their kidnappers, ending a 388-day ordeal.
Paul and Rachel Chandler were handed over to local officials in Adado and eventually to the British High Commission in Nairobi, Kenya after a ransom was paid.
The couple began their journey to freedom by road at 6am before they were received by the local administration in Adado three hours later.
It was too good to be true.'' Mrs Chandler, 56, simply said: ''Happy to be alive'' while her husband told Channel 4: ''I love my wife, I love my life, and inshallah (God willing), I will be free.'' The two were handed over to local officials in the Somali town of Adado after a ransom of up to a million dollars (pounds 620,000) was reportedly paid to their kidnappers.
being handed over to local officials in Adado, Somalia, Sky News said.
and travelling back to Adado," Frans Barnard, who works for the Save The Children charity, was quoted as telling the AFP news agency on Wednesday.
Aid agency Save the Children called for the man to be freed immediately, and confirmed that a Somali national who was also taken from a guesthouse compound in Adado has been released unharmed.
Ato Bekele Bekete, manager of Adado Coffee Farmers Cooperative, sold his organic certified coffee for $4.02 per pound in the first Direct Specialty Trade Session and the price was more than twice what the conventional market would have offered.
They were seized in October and at the time of the raid were being held about 25 miles east of Adado.
On October 14, 2010, a British relief worker was kidnapped in Adado, near the Ethiopian border and held for several days before being released.