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ADAFAmerican Dietetic Association Foundation
ADAFAmerican Dental Association Foundation
ADAFActive Duty Air Force
ADAFAdvection Dominated Accretion Flow
ADAFAppropriate Development for Africa Foundation
ADAFAsociatia pentru Dezvoltarea Antreprenoriatului Feminin
ADAFAir Defense Alert Facility
ADAFAircraft De-icing and Anti-icing Fluid
ADAFAge-Dependent Adjustment Factor (cancer risk)
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If grades are to date, the ADAF requires an official record of grades and an accompanying calculation of the GPA to date.
These scholarships are part of the ADAF s Allied Dental Student Scholarship Program, which offers scholarships to students in accredited dental hygiene, dental assisting and dental laboratory technology programs.
Burton worked with the ADAF for 8 years where his interests were the study of fluoride chemistry for dental therapies.
i] is the indoor concentration, V is volume of air breathed in the residence each year, and ADAF is the age-dependent adjustment factor for cancer exposure as described below.
A population-weighted average annual air intake volume and ADAF were calculated by combining age distribution of the U.
ACFN and the ADAF will recruit other partners among respected organizations in the African-American and Hispanic communities and invite them to participate in both the development and dissemination of the guides.
The program dovetails with the long-term work of the President's Challenge, the ADAF and General Mills.
This work was supported in part by the ADAF, the FDA, NIST, and the NIH/NIDCR Grant DE11789.
Utilizing its resources and expertise on nutrition issues, the ADAF will play a critical role in evaluating the proposals.
The divestment was necessary to comply with the European Commission's ruling - at the time of the acquisition of the former Courtaulds - that Akzo Nobel was required to divest the Courtaulds Aerospace Coatings and Sealants business or, alternatively, to divest its share in the ADAF joint venture to its joint venture partner, The Dexter Corporation.
ADAFs adjust the slope factors to account for differences in carcinogen potency b age groups based on data from animal studies oF cancer potency in early-life stages compared with adult animals (U.