ADAGA1C-Derived Average Glucose (medicine)
ADAGAssociation of Disabled American Golfers (Lakewood, CA)
ADAGAmericans with Disabilities Act Guidelines
ADAGArchitectural Drawings Advisory Group (est. 1983; National Gallery of Art; Washington, DC)
ADAGArray Data Analysis Group (University of California, Los Angeles)
ADAGAircraft Design and AeroflightDynamics Group
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This suggested to us that, in this study population, the ADAG algorithm for estimation of aPPG and eAG could provide a quantitative estimate of the 24-hour PPG exposure.
Reliance MediaWorks, a subsid of ADAG, last week partnered with post-production and vfx studio Digital Domain in a deal that will set up visual effects and stereo 3D production services studios in Mumbai and London and make it possible to work on film projects round-the-clock.
Reliance ADAG is also a DTH operator and has business interests in broadcasting, cable TV distribution and film production.
The ADAG study was not sufficiently comprehensive or robust to generate an equation that would allow reliable expression of Hb [A.
Employee interest is kept high in the portal with ADAG Chairman Anil Ambani and other top executives blogging on it.
A previous calculation derived from the Diabetes Control and Complication Trial was based on a much more limited study than the ADAG, and values from this calculation are higher than the EAG values.
The results of the ADAG study should give people with diabetes increased confidence that the [A.
Going into the international arena is the next logical step forward for Reliance ADAG.
In August, a joint consensus statement from the EASD, the American Diabetes Association (ADA), the International Diabetes Federation, the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC) and the International Diabetes Federation advised that--pending the results from the ADAG study--clinical laboratories begin reporting both the [HbA.
Recognizing that the IFCC's adoption of the new reference method would cause confusion in the clinical setting, an international working group decided in 2004 to launch the ADAG study.
But no matter how many numbers are reported, experts involved in the process anticipate that the ADAG value will eventually be the only one that health care providers need to discuss with patients.