ADAHRSAir Data and Attitude Heading Reference System
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Aircraft owners that install a dual 7-inch G500 TXi system on the pilot's side of the cockpit, with dual ADAHRS and a back-up battery can also forego the requirement for standby flight instruments.
For the ADAHRS, angular rates of change up to [+ or -] 200[degrees]/s are within range.
Two things: What is ADAHRS? This may be familiar to IFR folks but some of us Cherokee 140 VFR guys do not know what you are talking about.
With dual ADAHRS redundancy and the ability to turn the MFD into the primary PFD with a push of a button, this means you can finally ditch all of the existing round gauges.
The system grew, with an updated ADAHRS, and eventually included an integrated autopilot, which ultimately became the GFC500.
The WingBug device packages ADAHRS, GPS and an ADS-B In receiver in a relatively compact chassis that easily mounts to a wing strut or nearly any surface of the aircraft with a variety of common mounting hardware.
Self-powered, self-contained ADAHRS ILEVIL and dual-band ADS-B driven by wind BOM turbine with battery backup.