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3 Synthetic Vision upgrade and the second ADAHRS strengthen our training program by providing students with state-of-the-art display capability, and dual-sensor failure mode training.
The G3X is a customizable PFD/MFD combination that features one, two or three all-glass displays; magnetometer; ADAHRS (combined air data and AHRS unit); engine monitoring; and temperature probe.
The heart of the G3X is what's behind the scenes: GSU 73 ADAHRS and engine interface, GMU 44 magnetometer and GTP 59 air temperature probe.
When all components are purchased and interconnected - GDU 370 and/or GDU 375 display, ADAHRS and EIS, magnetometer and temperature probe - the system will be known as the Garmin G3X[TM].
The Micro INS offers customers the benefit of a completely integrated system that is a fraction of the size of other commercial ADAHRS systems, but provides extremely high performance (e.