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ADALAuthorized Dental Allowance List
ADALAssociate Director at Large
ADALAddition or Alteration
ADALAutoimmune Disease-Associated Lymphadenopathy
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Meanwhile, prior to the premiere of "Homeland" Season 6 episode 5, the previous episode depicted the growing tension between Carrie and Adal, especially since she has been working to advice President Elizabeth Keane (Elizabeth Marvel) in secret prior to her victory during the election.
In the latest inspection in May 2015, Adal Cafe was given a food hygiene rating of two, meaning "improvement necessary".
Berenson responds and says that Haqqani is a terrorist who "recently killed 36 Americans" to which Adal responds, "Menachem Begin killed 91 British soldiers at the King David hotel before he became prime minister.
La trayectoria de Adal Maldonado esta marcada por una busqueda constante de la identidad individual y colectiva, una experiencia que puede ser integrada en lo que el artista denomina "estar fuera de foco".
He said Adal was asleep with her family when they heard the explosion.
Over the next five years, we estimate that Iraq will have to invest an estimated $100bn if it is to achieve the target it has set of increasing crude oil production capacity to more than 12 million barrels a day," says Adal Mirza, Gulf Correspondent - Energy & Industry, MEED.
Paddy Power Nadalvthe field: 8-13N adal tow in,6-5any other winner.
Adal Ramones regresa a los escenarios de nuestra ciudad con su gira de monologos, genero con el cual gano gran popularidad en su programa "Otro rollo".
Adal Baaziz (1:20:05) was fourth, followed by Riyadh Abdulkarim (1:22:48) in fifth place and Sawab Hassan (1:24:01) sixth.
Islamabad: Swat Taliban's spiritual leader and elderly cleric Sufi Mohammad has made a surprise claim saying the verdict of the Islamic courts in Malakand division under the newly signed Adal Regulation cannot be challenged in superior courts of the country.
Summary: Given the circumstances that have prompted the government to enter into a peace deal with Maulvi Sufi Mohammad of Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Shariate Mohammadi (TNSM) and to announce the enforcement of the Adal Regulation 2009 after peace has returned to Swat, it would be simplistic to view these developments as an attempt by the NWFP government to provide speedy justice to the people of the Malakand division and the C Kohistan district.
Increasingly, the music and youth culture in the region is encouraging both men and women to express their personalities through accessories, and our 'Rebel at Heart' pieces have become the most requested items since we opened in Dubai a few weeks ago," said Nagi Adal, the director of the first-ever Thomas Sabo outlet in the region.