ADAM IIAerial Port Documentation and Management System II
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This is our personal end times cataclysmic experience when the transition from Adam I to Adam II, from self-love to a more sublime love that expresses itself in service of God and others, takes place.
Those who choose to deal with this and enter the core suffer through the pain of personal transformation that purifies them into their authentic self, their Adam II.
In 1989, Prince Hans Adam II succeeded his father to the throne and in 1996 settled a long-running dispute with Russia over the Liechtenstein family's archives, which had been confiscated during the Soviet occupation of Vienna in 1945 and later moved to Moscow.
For Adam II, communication and community are part of the gesture of redemption which requires surrender, retreat, and sacrifice in order to form a covenantal faith community.
Soloveitchik calls attention to the difference between "the natural work community" of Adam I and the covenantal faith community of Adam II. He interprets the Biblical statement, "It is not good for men to be alone" in "ontological terms." But if "to be" is neither the cogito nor the presence of being in "function or performance," this is no ordinary ontology.
Adam II was charged with the duty to cultivate the ground and watch over it.
Soloveitchik describes this crisis as the crisis between Adam I or Adam II. Adam I is much like Rosenzweig's self prior to revelation--the person who masters his world through a utilitarian ethic but who fails to realize God's presence in his world.
The Adam II will come with Google Play support, two front speakers and SIM card slot for 3G.
The announcement was made on a blog post on the Notion Ink site, where more benefits of the Adam II tablet were highlighted.
Branches: Executive--chief of state: Prince Hans Adam II (assumed executive powers on August 26, 1984, acceded to the throne on November 13, 1989); Heir Apparent Prince Alois, son of the monarch, was born on June 11, 1968.
She is followed by Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg (pounds 800 million) and Prince Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein (pounds 540 million).
Notion Ink Adam II to feature TI OMAP chipset, ICS, user-customized apps