ADAMHSAlcohol Drug Addiction Mental Health Services (Ohio)
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No one ends up in jail rotting," Summit ADAMHS chief clinical officer Doug Smith promises me, dismissing the very notion of that happening here with a shake of his head.
Building on the steady leadership and sustained, core-program funding provided by the Lake County ADAMHS board, Damir and the BRIDGES team have repeatedly found creative ways to augment program services, develop valuable new curricula, and help the county's care system adapt to changes in Ohio's Medicaid program.
Webinars will be developed for inclusion on the OhioMHAS PSDPTA: for interactive website educational supports to enhance peers% knowledge of recovery related topics to enhance employment/volunteer skills; for providers interested in/currently using peer service delivery to improve culture and level of service; and for ADAMHS boards who are interested in implementing and funding peer services.