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ADAMSAgencywide Documents Access and Management System (NRC)
ADAMSAll Dulles Area Muslim Society (Sterling, VA)
ADAMSAutomatic Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems (MSC software)
ADAMSAllied Deployment And Movement System
ADAMSAirlift Deployment Analysis System
ADAMSA Digital Avionics Methodology Schema
ADAMSAlcohol and Drug Abuse for Managers and Supervisors
ADAMSAirborne Data Analysis & Monitoring System
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Some more company coming in, among whom were the two masters and Adams, the talk became general; and it naturally turned on Mr.
Here, was another great man," remarked Laurence, pointing to the portrait of John Adams.
John Adams, the second President of the United States and the equal of crowned kings, was once a schoolmaster and country lawyer.
No got pants," Noah announced with a grin that broadened as Adamu Adam took to flight.
Mauki's father was chief over the village at Port Adams, and thus, by birth a salt-water man, Mauki was half amphibian.
Furthermore, it was ten years since he had been stolen from Port Adams by Fanfoa, and he was homesick.
This is an awkward affair, Adams,' said Mr Westwood, drawing himself up.
Captain Adams,' cried Westwood, hastily, 'I call you to witness that this was fairly done.
Then, after an innocent pause, which unconsciously betrayed some lack of enthusiasm, Ruby Adams added:
Long before this revelation was complete the two big doors of the porch had opened in the middle, and Colonel Adams (father of the furry young lady) had come out himself to invite his eminent guest inside.
But in his stead, Mr Allworthy hath lately taken Mr Abraham Adams into his house, of whom Sophia is grown immoderately fond, and declares he shall have the tuition of her children.
Though no more Old English than the works of Kipling, it had selected its reminiscences so adroitly that her criticism was lulled, and the guests whom it was nourishing for imperial purposes bore the outer semblance of Parson Adams or Tom Jones.