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ADAMTS-1a disintegrin and metalloprotease with thrombospondin type1 motifs
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Expression of ADAMTS-1, -4, -5, and -14 by Gestational Trophoblastic Diseases
Thus, all 3 PSTTs and 3 of 4 choriocarcinomas expressed ADAMTS-1 strongly, whereas the 4 invasive moles exhibited only intermediate positivity (Figure 3, A; Figure 4, A; Figure 5, A).
To further investigate the diagnostic usefulness of differential expression patterns of ADAMTS, immunohistochemistry of ADAMTS-1 and ADAMTS-5 was performed on 10 additional cases of early complete moles and normal gestation.
ADAMTS-1, -4, -5, and -14 were expressed with different staining patterns and intensities depending on the trimester and cell type.
The observations in the present study are consistent with those of a previous study (3) that detected the messenger RNAs of several ADAMTS subtypes, including ADAMTS-1, -4, and -5, in first-trimester human placenta by polymerase chain reaction.
Of the various ADAMTS subtypes, the best characterized seem to be ADAMTS-1, -4, and -5, which have overlapping activities such as proteolytic modification of cell surface proteins and the extracellular matrix.
Among them, ADAMTS-1, -4, and -5 showed different expression patterns between normal placental tissue and gestational trophoblastic diseases, while the staining patterns of ADAMTS-14 in placentas obtained from patients diagnosed as having gestational trophoblastic diseases did not differ from the staining patterns observed in normal placenta.
Notably, of the 4 subtypes of ADAMTS that were studied, only ADAMTS-1 expression was found in endothelial cells of the villous vessels and capillaries.
The expression intensity of ADAMTS-1 correlates with the invasive potential in gestational trophoblastic diseases.