ADANAll Day All Night
ADANAssociazione Degli Albergatori Napoletani (Italian: Neopolitan Hoteliers Association; Naples, Italy)
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This court be pleased to issue a temporary injunction restraining the respondent and/or its agents from giving effect, in any way, to the respondent's appointment on Thursday February 22, 2018 of MP Adan Keynan and Senator Beth Mugo, as members of the Parliamentary Service Commission,' the petition says.
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Yesterday, the manager of Delta Hotel in Nairobi told the Nation Adan had stayed at the hotel since February 9 and left in the early morning of Thursday, February 15.
Adan hit the headlines in 2010 when he jumped into the freezing Thames to save a drowning woman when he was homeless.
Addressing the participants of the general body meeting, the newly elected chairman PFMA, Haji Adan expressed his resolve of making all-out efforts for the progress of the flour milling industry and resolution of their problems.
La plataforma ADAN fue desarrollada por los propios estudiantes en 2015 (su nombre es un juego ironico en relacion a la plataforma universitaria EVA), cuyo proposito es fomentar el vinculo y la articulacion de los estudiantes a partir de la gestion compartida de recursos, de manera colaborativa e intergeneracional.
Omar translates: Adan needed to get power of attorney to bring her sister, who was hospitalized in California, to Minnesota.
With their fates now intertwined, can Rose and Adan escape the systems locking them into lives of abuse?
La estratagema cesa de ser simpatica por la insolencia aledana: si Adan puede prescindir de una costilla mientras se echa una siestecita, la Eva resultante es ella misma prescindible, hecha de esas segundas partes que nunca son buenas.
Adan says the attackers raised their black banner in the town.
The hospital will complement existing medical facilities within Al Adan medical district site as part of the government national healthcare expansion plan.