ADANEAsian Deaf Association of New England (Boston, MA)
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Each year, the ADANE recognizes farmers in the northeast region of the country for their exceptional role in environmental stewardship.
Adane, Prevalence of Self Reported Computer Vision Syndrome and Associated Factors among Computer Users of Governmental Offices in Debre Tabor Town, Northwest Ethiopia, University of Gondar, Gondar, Ethiopia, 2016.
[19] New cases 212 2012 1 (0.5%) Retreated cases 13 0 Total 225 2 (0.8%) Adane et al.
[25.] Adane T, Shimelis A, Negussie R, Tilahun B and GD Hak Effect of processing method on the proximate composition, mineral content and anti-nutritional factors of taro (Colocasia esculenta, l.) grown in Ethiopia.
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The authors are grateful to Assistant Professor Addisu Ferede, Scientific Director, and Assistant Professor Adane Haile, Textile Chemistry RIC Director, EiTEX, Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia, for their encouragement and support in conducting this research.
Adane Teshome Kefale did article searching, critical appraisal, data extraction, and data analysis and edited manuscript.
Three new variations for order crossover are presented with improvements by Deep and Adane [21].
Adane, "Prevalence and associated factors of hypertension among adults in durame town, Southern Ethiopia," PLOS ONE, vol.
According to a report from Rizal police, a shootout took place during a buy-bust operation that targeted suspects Renato Adane and his companion identified only as alias 'Satan' around 1 a.m.
Tal articulacion puede ser esencial en Colombia, pais con mayor numero de departamentos que Guatemala, aunque, como Adane Ghebremeskel y Richard Smith senalan, esta articulacion no debe ser impuesta y ninguna entidad local deberia ser obligada a coordinar esfuerzos con sus pares en otras localidades (Ghebremskel & Smith, 2013).