ADAPEIAssociation Départementale de Parents et Amis de Personnes Handicapées Mentales
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Contract notice: saint-denis de pile - residence "camille claudel" and foyer adapei - construction of 25 individual dwellings and a 12-person household-housing
Provision of incontinence products on behalf of the group of orders created for the needs of health and social care facilities (ehpad, specialized home, home medical center) as well reception of the young child, under the intercommunal center of social action (cias) of marsan, the communal center for social action (ccas) of mont de marsan, the adapei and the association "l "another look".
II.1.1) Title:Construction of a building consisting of a homeof 48 beds for ADAPEI 42 and 27 social rental housing
Contract notice: construction of a building consists of a 48-bed household for adapei 42 and 27 social rental housing at the corner of rue du treyve and welsh in saint-tienne (42000)
Maintenance, maintenance and work on elevators in the following sectors: - kercado (8 lifts), - pasteur home (1 elevator), - pargo (3 lifts), - 6 fraval (1 lift), - 4/9/15 fareham (3 elevators), - arradon fireplace (1 lift), - ronarch ~/ la perouse / adapei fireplace (5 elevators), - fjt led (1 lift), - pancemont (1 lift), - crach brothers (2 lifts), - resistance (2 lifts), - ephad beaupr lalande (2 lifts), - senna (1 lift), - saint-av (4 lifts).