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ADAPSOAssociation of Data Processing Service Organizations
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In the ADAPSO survey, 45% of the companies recognized some revenue at contract signing, 51% at installation, 44% at customer acceptance and 15% at some other event such as 30 day usage, 90 days after contract signing or ratably over two years.
had to issue a clarification on this issue was because the ADAPSO organization, which lobbied for Section 1706, wrote to the major employers in 1986.
She was previously Chairman of ADAPSO, now Information Technology Association of America, on the boards of directors for Joint Venture Silicon Valley and the California Chamber of Commerce.
IIA and ADAPSO May Team Up In what some are calling the first step toward a merger, ADAPSO and IIA met in June to review possible joint conventions, and seminars.
DeBoever's 1986 research work for ADAPSO, entitled "Corporate Connectivity: Concepts, Technology & Trends," foreshadowed the advent of network-centric computing and is considered a landmark.
An Ethical Users' User Manual ADAPSO and EDUCOM, a non-profit consortium of universities, are distributing a booklet called "Using Software" that provides guidelines of ethical and legal software use.
Trade associations such as CBEMA and ADAPSO primarily represent commercial interests and do not speak to scientific issues.
He is a founding member of ADAPSO, and founder/board chairman of the Data Base Management User Group.