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ADAPTSAccess Disabled Assistance Program for Tech Students (Georgia Institute of Technology; Atlanta, GA)
ADAPTSAir Deliverable Anti-Pollution Transfer System
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Max Factor Colour Adapt Presed Powder will be available At mass market outlets nationwide Beginning next month at a suggested retail price of $8.
Although it is easy to purchase a new system and adapt it to your foundry, this capital expense is usually not part of the foundry's budget.
We as a company know that technology is always evolving, which is why we have continued to truly adapt to our customer's needs rather than simply adding a capability, just to have another feature.
Unveil Technologies provides conversational speech applications to contact centers that automatically adapt to your customers.
Bandwidth Adapt, derived from NewsTakes' deep patent portfolio, will be licensed to content companies, integrated operators, and streaming technology providers; in short, to anyone wishing to deliver video content to customers in an environment where bandwidth is variable or constrained.
Accordingly, we are pleased that the biochip industry has begun to adapt this powerful semiconductor industry technology, including JMAR's optical projection aligners and direct-write lithography positioning techniques, to produce their biochips.
The RiverSoft NMOS technology provides for powerful discovery and monitoring of IP networks and automatically recognizes and adapts to changes in those networks.
Invensys plc (London, England) and Lehigh University (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA) today demonstrated what they believe to be the world's first Web-enabled learning technology that fully adapts to a student's individual learning style.
com, today announced its Planet-Certified(tm) content program, which adapts and certifies eLearning content for integration with the company's popular KP2000 Workforce Performance Management (WPM) system.