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ADARAAmerican Deafness and Rehabilitation Association
ADARAProfessionals Networking for Excellence in Service Delivery with Individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (formerly: American Deafness And Rehabilitation Association)
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However, the governor in company of the then commissioner of police, Ahmed Abdulrahaman and other security agencies went to Kajuru to appeal to the Fulanis and Adara people who were living together for centuries to sheath their swords.
"The Adaras were on reprisal mission over the killings of 11 of their people."
The studies of Uzomba; Oyebola and Izuchukwu (2015); Akpokodje and Akpokodje (2015); Omeluzor; Adara; Ezinwayi; Bamidele and Umahi (2012) and Breeding (2009) have established the effectiveness of KOHA for all types of libraries.
As part of the agreement, ADARA will work with PATA to encourage its members to contribute data to the ADARA travel data co-op.
Marble unit UW P (%) UCS (MPa) FS (MPa) (kN/[m.sup.3]) Adara 25.7 0.39 77.9 15.01 Emperador 25.8 1.85 61.69 13.44 Crema nera 26.59 0.34 83.99 12.9 Sand wave 27.08 1.46 72.05 8.96 Marble unit ITS (MPa) BAR ([cm.sup.3]/ SH 50 [cm.sup.2]) Adara 7.53 15.76 39.2 Emperador 7.23 18.79 41.2 Crema nera 8.6 15.41 43.6 Sand wave 7.35 7.95 40 Unit weight (UW), porosity (P), uniaxial compressive strength (UCS), flexural strength (FS), indirect tensile strength (ITS), Bohme abrasion resistance (BAR), and Schmidt hardness (SH).
a Palestinian at the entrance to the Jewish settlement of Har Adara in
Trumyn Unger, Tyler Urben, Noah Vandegriffe, Maia Vasconez-Taylor, Monica Vasquez-Farfan, Jennifer Villagomez-Lopez, Joshua Vitus, Reese Vollstedt, Harrison Vos, Kelly Vuong, Ryan Walk, Adara Walker, Cadence Webber, Marin West, Kyle Whitty, Jessica Wicks, Jezreel Wilder, Jacob Williams, Mia Williams, Spencer Williams, Ruby Wilson, Cameron Wong, Alyssa Wood, Olivia Woods, Victoria Woolsey, Christian Wulf, Ellie Yamamoto, Daniel Zavala, Charlotte Zeller and Tanner Zenke.
The effectiveness of these marketing efforts can be tracked by using a travel intelligence platform called ADARA. With it, the division can see whether a person clicking on a digital display ad went on to book a hotel room.
Wednesday, April 5, 2017, 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Adara Banquet, The Thane Club Thane West, Mumbai
Houston TX Sagar Tanna, CAM, CAPS Adara Communities Katy TX Poonam Tiwari, CAM, CAPS Adara Communities Houston TX Denny Trancoso, CAPS Apartment Holdings USA Lake Mary FL Gregor Ultag, CAM, CAMT, ABCDE Realty Mgmt.
in 2014, ( a 2015 report  from data source ADARA (via Skift) indicated.