ADARCAaron Diamond AIDS Research Center
ADARCAlcohol and Drug Abuse Research Center (Harvard University; Massachusetts)
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David Ho, CEO of ADARC and Irene Diamond Professor at the Rockefeller University.
In addition to this human study, findings from a promising study in mice with a DNA vaccine for Avian Flu developed by researchers at ADARC and Academia Sinica in Taiwan, delivered with the TriGrid[TM] were recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
In their earlier papers (3,4) both the ADARC and Boston groups recognized the importance of such observations for HIV-specific immunity: the immune system must have sufficient levels of viral antigen (specifically those epitopes that induce the strongest responses) to maintain better control of the virus.
Both the ADARC and Boston researchers have implemented treatment interruptions in their study protocols involving patients treated during acute infection (within days of symptoms) or early infection (usually within several months of symptoms).
Another abstract, submitted by ADARC researchers and colleagues in Spain, reported similar results in 2 out of 7 patients treated within 90 days of acute infection.
Founded in 1991, ADARC focuses on basic research efforts to increase understanding of the structure and function of HIV and to define the mechanism by which it destroys the immune system.
Ho's caliber and believe that he and his team at ADARC are well poised to develop UC 781 to its fullest therapeutic potential," said Edward L.
Combination drug therapy, which was pioneered by researchers at the ADARC along with others, has helped reduce the death rate of HIV in the United States and Western Europe to one fifth of what it once was.