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"When they have the final numbers, if it is really a lot, this will be a nightmare for Bolsonaro," Adario said.
Adario said, "This will have negative impacts on the diplomacy of Brazil, a country that aspires to play a central role at a global level."
"The challenge is how the companies can reinforce their commitment to the moratorium and help the Brazilian authorities end the destruction of the forests on which everyone's livelihood depends," Adario adds.
"The government should take advantage of this favourable moment to deepen the programme to combat deforestation," said Paulo Adario, coordinator of Greenpeace's Amazon campaign.
for the Amazon rainforest and for its people," Paulo Adario, Oreenpeace's Amazon Campaign coordinator, says.
Published in 1703, the third book, the Suplement aux Voyages du Baron de Lahontan, Ou l'on trouve des dialogues curieux entre l'Auteur et Un Sauvage de bon sens qui a voyage (Supplement to the voyages of Baron Lahontan, in which one finds Curious Dialogues Between the Author and a Savage of Good Sense who has Traveled), presents a philosophical dialogue between a European called "Lahontan" (4) and a Huron called Adario, followed by the narration of Lahontan's return to France.
Afinal, sao conhecidas imagens de Ossaim com figuracoes de folhas de flandres em pontas de hastes de ferro idealizadas pelo ferreiro-escultor Jose Adario, Salvador: uma especie de buque, perfazendo um pequeno arbusto com seus ramos plenos de delicadas formas laminares recortadas, mas evidenciadas pelo tamanho e pelo metal branco como se fosse para refletir um verde entorno (cf.
"The numbers show clearly that the federal government has been incapable of stopping Amazon deforestation," said Paulo Adario of Greenpeace, which has warned that the Amazon rainforest will be wiped out in 80 years if deforestation continues at the current rate.
''These figures show the federal government has failed in its efforts to curb the increasing deforestation in the Amazon rain forest region,'' said Paulo Adario of the local branch of international environmentalist organization Greenpeace.
The passages about his early years in Canada, where he was helping to establish an ill-fated fishery company, are also valuable historically: commercial detail, tirades against Jesuits, and 'Indian' customs, with a magnificent speech of protest from a chieftain who recalls Lahontan's Adario. Another fascinating section is the eye-witness story of the battle of La Hougue, in which Challe participated as ecrivain du roi.