ADARSAutomated Dasd Archival Restoration System
ADARSAntrim and District Amateur Radio Society (UK)
ADARSAirborne Data Acquisition and Recording System (National Instruments)
ADARSArmy Defense Acquisition Regulation Supplement
ADARSAdaptive Antenna Receive System
ADARSAdvanced Defense Avionics Response Strategy (USAF)
ADARSASAS (All Source Analysis System) Data Recording and Summary System (intelligence)
ADARSAutomated Drill Attendance Reporting System (Army)
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Rabbi Nahman, however, assured Raba that we need not entertain such fear, for by then people knew that the Court has to make calculations even after Purim (Rashi: because of unexpected changes in climate) and, therefore, would be aware of the possibility of change in the calendar and would wait for final confirmation before the end of Adar.
In the first chapter of tractate Megillah we read: "Rabbi Helbo, and Rabbi Huna in the name of Rabbi Hiyya the Great [said], |All fulfill their obligation [to read the Megillah] on the 14th [of Adar], for that is the time to read it; the ruling comes only to teach you that the mizvot are observed on Second Adar.'" The commentators are at a loss to explain this statement; there is no apparent connection between its first half and its second.
The Jerusalem Talmud raises another question about a leap-year: Is the first Adar the added month, or is the second Adar the added month?