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ADAS-cogAlzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale Cognitive Subscale
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But in the Ketogenic Diet Retention and Feasibility Trial (KDRAFT), also 3 months long, patients' ADAS-cog scores didn't decline at all.
Amber octahydroacridine is a reversible dual cholinesterase inhibitor, which showed good results in both primary efficacy indicators ADAS-Cog and secondary efficacy indicators ADL and CIBIC-Plus during phase II trials.
Modifications of the MMSE and ADAS-Cog scores after 12 months of follow-up were considered as cognitive outcome variables of interest.
Independent variables including age, education, baseline cognitive test scores (MMSE, ADAS-Cog, delayed recall, CVFT, digit span, visual span), functional assessment (DAD), mood (NPI depression) scores, CVRF scores, CIRS scores, and duration of depression were entered into the regression analysis.
A ADAS-Cog foi desenvolvida com o objetivo de avaliar a intensidade das mudancas cognitivas que caracterizam quadros demenciais como o da Doenca de Alzheimer.
s = no significativo Tabla 2 Media y desviacion tipica del rendimiento cognitivo, conductual y funcional de los grupos (pre y post tratamiento): contrastes a posteriori EABB EAPI ADAS-Cog pre 24,13 (1,30) 24,46 (2,97) ADAS-Cog post 24,40 (1,18) 28,47 (4,17) NPI-Q pre 6,80 (4,78) 6,73 (2,28) NPI-Q post 4,07 (2,19) 6,00 (2,33) EDC-pre 8,66 (3,33) 8,33(2,50) ECD-post 3,33 (3,11) 7,93 (1,28) RDRS-2-pre 30,20 (3,47) 30,06 (3,26) RDRS-post 32,27 (4,06) 32,20 (3,41) EANT Post-hoc ADAS-Cog pre 24,19 (2,70) n.
The results showed that even though B vitamins reduced homocysteine levels, ADAS-cog scores did not differ significantly between treatment groups.
Participants in the exercise group showed significant improvements in ADAS-Cog scores throughout the study.
However, none of the results was clinically relevant, averaging less than 3 points on the ADAS-cog scale.
1 improvement in ADAS-cog scores, compared with a 0.