ADASHIAutomated Decision-Aid System for Hazardous Incidents
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Adashi & Glenn Cohen, The FDA is Prohibited From Going Germline, 353 science 545 (2016) (referring to rider of Consolidation Appropriation Act of 2016).
"Should the law criminalize such an action?" Cohen, Daley and Adashi asked.
The practice is particularly common in Nigeria, where ROSCAs are called esusu, ajo, cha, or adashi. In Nigeria 44 percent of adults (and 69 percent of those who save) report using a savings club or a person outside the family.
Adashi, "The potential relevance of cytokines to ovarian physiology: the emerging role of resident ovarian cells of the white blood cell series," Endocrine Reviews, vol.
The Carlos Surinach Fund of the BMI Foundation commissioned Judah Adashi's The Dark floury (2007) for Kolkay, and Kolkay shares in his notes that he and Nguyen premiered it at his alma mater Lawrence University on April 2I, 2007.
such as Esusu, Bam or Adashi) thereby pushing up interests on borrowing (Otu, et al, 2003).
(16) Innovative performance support system software also exists, such as the Automated Decision Aid System for Hazardous Incidents (ADASHI), a Defense Department-funded, portable, computer-based, integrated decision-support system for hazardous material for civilian or military first responders to CBRNE incidents.