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ADATSAgricultural Development & Training Society (India)
ADATSAir Defense Anti-Tank System
ADATSAustralian Defence Air Traffic System (Royal Australian Air Force)
ADATSArmy Development and Acquisition of Threat Simulators
ADATSAir Defence and Air Traffic Systems (UK)
ADATSAdjustable Diversity Acoustic Telemetry System
ADATSAirborne Digital Avionics Test System
ADATSAir Defense Artillery Threat Simulator
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Back in the 1990s, the Canadian Army was one of the few military organizations operating the ADATS, which had been designed to provide air defence protection for mobile troops as well as ground installations.
ADATS first entered service with the Air Defence Artillery School located at CFB Chatham N.
We have to be careful as to what we mean by "law", "native", "adat", and especially "land" and "land rights".
This is an old rule both of adat (28) and of the Brookes.
Canadian government officials state that an ADATS sale to Greece would require an end-use certificate forbidding a transfer to Cyprus, and that Turkey has not expressed concern over the proposed sale.
ADATS deliveries began as the Cold War wound down and by the last delivery in 1992 their main function, to protect Canadian air bases in Europe, was over.
air force C-17s or chartered Antonov-124s (or, more likely, by sea) then moving the ADATS turret and electronics to the LAV chassis makes little sense, as it offers no weight savings over the M113.
Why these options were not exercised is a mystery, but it would seem that DND's need to find a role for 900 unused ADATS missiles played an inordinately prominent role in the decision.
As for the ADATS conversion to MMEV, the entire concept was called into question.