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ADATSAgricultural Development & Training Society (India)
ADATSAir Defense Anti-Tank System
ADATSAustralian Defence Air Traffic System (Royal Australian Air Force)
ADATSArmy Development and Acquisition of Threat Simulators
ADATSAir Defence and Air Traffic Systems (UK)
ADATSAirborne Digital Avionics Test System
ADATSAdjustable Diversity Acoustic Telemetry System
ADATSAir Defense Artillery Threat Simulator
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ADATS is designed to combat low-flying aircraft and vehicles such as tanks.
Canadian government officials state that an ADATS sale to Greece would require an end-use certificate forbidding a transfer to Cyprus, and that Turkey has not expressed concern over the proposed sale.
Flt Lt Dean Wilson RAF of the ADATS DT comments: The ADATS DT is pleased to renew its association with BMT Reliability Consultants as it provides essential support towards the achievement of our business objectives.
The award of this contract further reinforces not only the unique skills and experience that we offer, but the longstanding partnership we have with the ADATS Delivery Team.