ADBFAsian Dragon Boat Federation
ADBFAdaptive Digital Beamforming
ADBFAnimal Disease Biotechnology Facility (College of Veterinary Medicine; Washington State University; Pullman, WA)
ADBFAdvanced Diploma in Banking and Finance (Tanzania)
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Bloomberg highlighted the important role of the ADBF as it enhances liquidity and transparency in the government debt market.
The ADBF arose out of the Banks African Financial Markets Initiative (AFMI), which aims to strengthen African economies by reducing their dependency on foreign currency denominated debt, increasing the range of available financing options, and acting as a catalyst for regional market integration.
ADBF will track the performance of the AfDB/AFMISM Bloomberg African Bond Index 25% Capped, an index that comprises African local currency sovereign bonds of eight African markets, namely: Botswana, Egypt, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and Zambia.
MCB Investment Management Co Ltd (MCBIM), a subsidiary of MCB Capital Markets, has been appointed as Fund Manager for the ADBF. MCBIM pioneered investing in the pan African fixed income asset class in 2014, when it launched the MCB Africa Bond Fund, an actively managed mutual fund focused on African fixed income.
AFMI chairman and AfDB vice president Charles Boamah commented at the time: "The ADBF aims to stimulate the development of African domestic bond markets through the provision of an innovative and efficient product in the form of an enhanced Index Bond Fund to broaden investor's participation."
The ADBF seeks to reduce Africa's dependency on foreign currency-denominated debt and encourage the deepening of domestic bond markets besides enlarging the investor base in domestic bond markets.
The ADBF was conceived as part of the AfDB's African Financial Markets Initiative in 2008.
AfDB is leading the establishment of the ADBF as a sovereign fixed income ETF investing in different countries which will be the first time an institution of this kind is established in Africa.
Scoles, Agricultural Research Service, Animal Disease Research Unit, 3003 ADBF, US Department of Agriculture, Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164-6630, USA; email: Table 1.