ADBFAsian Dragon Boat Federation
ADBFAdaptive Digital Beamforming
ADBFAnimal Disease Biotechnology Facility (College of Veterinary Medicine; Washington State University; Pullman, WA)
ADBFAdvanced Diploma in Banking and Finance (Tanzania)
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The Quantix/OR is based upon Cardiosonix' proprietary ADBF technology and measures blood flow volume based upon the traditional definition.
The Quantix/ND is based on Cardiosonix' proprietary ADBF technology, which uses a special application of digital Doppler ultrasound methods to provide a direct non-invasive measurement of volume blood flow, as well as a range of additional hemodynamic parameters.
Based on the ADBF technology, the Quantix/OR permits a surgeon to evaluate blood flow in a variety of surgical settings regardless of vessel size and without the need for vessel isolation.
Rothoerl of the University of Regensburg said, "The new ADBF technology (Quantix/ND) appears to have the ability to quantify changes in cerebral blood in critically ill neurological and neurosurgical patients.
ADBF technology affords physicians the opportunity to obtain real-time, consistent blood flow measurements for patients with medical conditions whose treatment may be highly dependent on an accurate understanding of their blood flow.
ADBF eliminates calculation estimation and permits real-time measurement of volume blood flow.