ADBFAsian Dragon Boat Federation
ADBFAdaptive Digital Beamforming
ADBFAnimal Disease Biotechnology Facility (College of Veterinary Medicine; Washington State University; Pullman, WA)
ADBFAdvanced Diploma in Banking and Finance (Tanzania)
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AfDB is leading the establishment of the ADBF as a sovereign fixed income ETF investing in different countries which will be the first time an institution of this kind is established in Africa.
The ADBF will pave the way for the development of local bond markets in Africa and we are proud to be associated with this important initiative.
The Quantix/OR is based upon Cardiosonix' proprietary ADBF technology and measures blood flow volume based upon the traditional definition.
The Quantix/ND is based on Cardiosonix' proprietary ADBF technology, which uses a special application of digital Doppler ultrasound methods to provide a direct non-invasive measurement of volume blood flow, as well as a range of additional hemodynamic parameters.
Based on the ADBF technology, the Quantix/OR permits a surgeon to evaluate blood flow in a variety of surgical settings regardless of vessel size and without the need for vessel isolation.
Rothoerl of the University of Regensburg said, "The new ADBF technology (Quantix/ND) appears to have the ability to quantify changes in cerebral blood in critically ill neurological and neurosurgical patients.
ADBF technology affords physicians the opportunity to obtain real-time, consistent blood flow measurements for patients with medical conditions whose treatment may be highly dependent on an accurate understanding of their blood flow.
ADBF eliminates calculation estimation and permits real-time measurement of volume blood flow.
Based on the ADBF core technology that utilizes digital multi-gated Doppler ultrasound, Biosonix is now in the process of the commercialization of several blood flow devices to answer the specific needs of different clinical settings, including the OR (Operating Room), ICU (Intensive Care Unit), ER (Emergency Room), Neurosurgery and Vascular Surgery.