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In a report, titled 'Fintech for Asian SMEs,' ADB Financial Analyst Naoko Nemoto and ADBI Dean Naoyuki Yoshino said the Department of Finance (DOF) plans to use satellite data to appraise underreported taxes of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
Fintech can help bridge the gap in a number of ways, said Chul Ju Kim and Erica Paula Sioson, Deputy Dean and Research Associate at ADBI.
Director Quaid-e-Azam Academy Khawaja Razi Haider it was the 20th annual calendar by the Jahan-e-Masiha Adbi Forum and this year, its theme was introducing writers and creators of Children's Literature in Urdu, who influenced lives of millions of people in their early childhood.
In a working paper titled 'Financial Barriers to Development of Renewable and Green Energy Projects in Asia,' ADBI said despite increasing awareness in the region about the unsustainability of fossil energy-dominated energy mixes, most countries are still hindered by financial reasons from pursuing a green energy mix.
Adbi Ibrahim is currently in mid-implementation of the system, aiming for the compliance management and serialization processing software to go live this October.
"The region has undergone economic growth, so food has become available at a relatively cheaper price," said Matthias Helble, an economist at the ADBI in Tokyo.
(2014) "The Rise of the 'Redback' and the People's Republic of China's Capital Account Liberalization: An Empirical Analysis of the Determinants of Invoicing Currencies." ADBI Working Paper No.
In our study "Structural Change, Trade, and Inequality: Some Cross-Country Evidence", (Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) Working Paper No.
The members of Punjabi Parchar, Punjabi Adbi Board and other organisations joined by activists, students, teachers and a large number of civil societies took out a rally from the Punjab Assembly to the Lahore Press Club.
PharmEvo has established Jahan-e-Mseeha Adbi Forum which is a literary Forum exclusively for healthcare professionals.
11 ADBI Working Paper Series, No.481 (May 2014), available from
The third regional organization, Asia KLEMS, was organized by the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) in Tokyo, Japan, in 2010.