ADBNArbitrary Directed Bipartite Network
ADBNAgricultural Development Bank Nepal (est. 1968; Kathmandu, Nepal)
ADBNAmateur Danssport Bond Nederland (Netherlands Amateur Dancing Club)
ADBNAsian Development Bank Notes
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Being a programme run under the ADBN, it is only natural that the focus of the programme be placed upon its financial aspects.
The PCRW is a programme initiated by the then Ministry of Panchayat and Local Development (now known as the Ministry of Local Development), with the collaboration of the NBL, RBB, ADBN, UNICEF, and other line agencies in 1982.
The key player in this system is the staff of the Women's Development Section (WDS), which motivate and assist members in selecting the right type of project and recommend them for loans to the IBP or ADBN branch working in the area.
In terms of the SFDP, the rapid expansion of the programme had forced the ADBN "to place a person from the regular staff pool as a GO.