ADBRAustralian Defence Business Review (est. 1982)
ADBRAssociation pour le Developpement Global des Batwa du Rwanda (French)
ADBRAccelerated Death Benefit Rider (insurance)
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17 The poster was provided in 1915 by the "Zentralstelle fur landliche Wohlfahrts- und Heimatpflege in Elsass-Lothringen" in ADBR D 121 79.
18 As described in a report from the district governor of Lorraine to the Oberschulrat, 25 August 1915, ADBR AL 105 1562; similar instructions are referred to in correspondence between the subdistrict administrators and district governor of Lower Alsace, ADBR D 121 79; reports in ADBR AL 105 1562 for Lorraine and ADBR D 121 for Lower Alsace.
19 A stream of correspondence flowed from the headquarters of Commander Gaede to the Oberschulrat, the state secretary, and the provincial governor (Statthalter), ADBR AL 105 1560-1561.
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21 Oberschulrat to the three district governors, 23 December 1915, ADBR AL 105 1560.