ADBSAssociation des Professionnels de l'Information et de la Documentation
ADBSAdaptive Deep Brain Simulation (neurology)
ADBSAtlantic Data Bureau Services (aka @lantic Data Bureau Services; India)
ADBSAdvanced Data Broadcasting System
ADBSAll Day Breakfast Show (podcast)
ADBSAction Driven Balanced Scorecard
ADBSArchitects of Data Base Solutions (Wommelgem, Belgium)
ADBSAdvanced Data Base System
ADBSAgrarian and Domestic Banking Sector (development bank; Philippines)
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A detailed assessment will be carried out by ADBs international consultants to identify potential including conducting feasibility study, identification of mini/micro hydel and solar off grid solutions, community empowerment and mobilisation, etc.
"The FWRDP will help farmers make optimal use of surface water for irrigation purposes by building new infrastructure, and improving on-farm availability of water by constructing lined water courses, terracing and land levelling," said Donneth Walton, ADBs Principal Natural Resources and Agriculture Specialist.
The proposed knowledge and support technical assistance (ta) is the third of a series of ta projects from the asian development bank (adb) to help the government of afghanistan better deliver sustainable infrastructure development.
We are pleased to collaborate with GPIF on this important initiative that promotes environment-related investments in Asia and the Pacific and is closely aligned with ADBs development mandate, ADB President Mr.
Prior to leading ADBs Resident Mission in Turkmenistan, Mr.
CDFapproved today by ADBs Board of Directorswill cover disasters triggered by natural hazards such as typhoons, floods, earthquakes, droughts, and tsunamis.
The ta aligns with adbs strategic direction of strengthening the institutional capacity of dmcs to enhance their ability to address development issues and deliver projects, as articulated in strategy 2030.
Yang also briefed the Minister on ADBs ongoing interventions and pipeline projects.
This technical assistance is ADBs third standalone project promoting gender equality in Mongolia that is financed by the Government of Japan through the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction, said Mr.
The independent evaluation department (ied) of the asian development bank (adb) is undertaking an evaluation of adbs 2009 energy policy and program covering 2009-2018.
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Government of Pakistan held a series of country consultations to formulate a new Country Partnership Strategy (CPS), which will guide ADBs engagement in the country from 2020 to 2024.