ADCAAlcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia
ADCAAsociación para el Desarrollo de la Conciencia y la Autorrealización (Spanish: Association for the Development of Consciousness and Self-Realization)
ADCAAmerican Dental Coders Association (online dental billing training)
ADCAAutosomal Dominant Cerebellar Ataxias
ADCAAmerican Dexter Cattle Association
ADCAAdvanced Degree Consulting Alliance (Northwestern University; Illinois)
ADCAAdvanced Digital Communications Associates (Geneva, Switzerland)
ADCAAmerica's Dream Chamber Artists (New York-based chamber music society)
ADCAAustralian Die Casting Association (Bayswater, VIC, Australia)
ADCAAerospace Department Chairs Association
ADCAAntique Doorknob Collectors of America
ADCAAmerican Distance Counseling Association (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
ADCAAsociación Andaluza para la Rehabilitación e Integración del Daño Cerebral Adquirido
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[9] reported the main chemical compounds generated during ADCA decomposition.
ADCA will foster the development of the data centre industry in Africa.
ADCA has been classified as a "substance of very high concern," due to its respiratory sensitizing properties, by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA).
A total of 17 family members had been diagnosed with SCA, which was classified as ADCA type I according to the Harding clinical classification.
Key elements of the manifesto include defending critical substances used in coatings and inks which are not easily substituted with an alternative--these substances that help coatings perform important functions such as corrosion protection (chromates), creating a barrier to protect food from the packaging (BPA), preservatives for water based paints (MIT), anti-skinning agents for solvent based paints (MEKO), chemicals to make blown vinyl wallpaper (ADCA), fire retardants (boric acid), marine coatings to protect ship's hulls (biocides) and vehicle refinish paints (isocyanates).
Jack Straw made the case for keeping the chemical azodicarbonamide (ADCA) off the Authorisation List under REACH, given the more suitable (and equally safe) alternative of having an Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) which is currently the case in the UK but not in the rest of Europe.
Shih, "ADCA: An Asynchronous Duty Cycle Adjustment MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks," Global Telecommunications Conference IEEE GLOBECOM 08, New Orleans, LO, Nov.30-Dec.
Dataset name Number Class 1 of genes CNS 7129 Survivors (21) DLBCL Harvard 7129 DLBCL (58) DLBCL Outcome 7129 Cured (32) Lung Cancer Michigan 7129 Tumor (86) Ovarian Cancer 15154 Normal (91) Prostate Outcome 12600 Nonrelapse (13) AML-ALL 7129 ALL (47) Colon Tumor 2000 Tumor (40) Lung Harvard2 12533 ADCA (150) Prostate 12600 Normal (59) Dataset name Class 2 Total samples CNS Failures (39) 60 DLBCL Harvard FL (19) 77 DLBCL Outcome Fatal (26) 58 Lung Cancer Michigan Normal (10) 96 Ovarian Cancer Cancer (162) 253 Prostate Outcome Relapse (8) 21 AML-ALL AML (25) 72 Colon Tumor Healthy (22) 62 Lung Harvard2 Mesothelioma (31) 181 Prostate Tumor (77) 136 TABLE 2: Parameters and their values.