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ADCCAntibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity
ADCCAntibody-Dependent Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity
ADCCAdenoid Cystic Carcinoma (gland tumor)
ADCCAdvertising and Design Club of Canada (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
ADCCAlzheimer's Disease Core Center
ADCCAdrenocortical Carcinoma
ADCCAir Defense Control Center
ADCCAsia-Pacific Development Communication Centre (Dhurakij Pundit University; Bangkok, Thailand)
ADCCArctic System Science Data Coordination Center (ARCSS)
ADCCAntibody Dependent Cytotoxic Cell
ADCCAdvanced Data Communication Control
ADCCAir Defense Command & Control
ADCCAsynchronous Data Communications Controller
ADCCAccess Data Consulting Corporation (Greenwood Village, CO)
ADCCAssociation des Descendants de Capitaines Corsaires (France)
ADCCAir Defense Coordination Center
ADCCAbu Dhabi Construction Company (United Arab Emirates)
ADCCAdmiral Drake Cricket Club (UK)
ADCCAlzheimer's Disease Care Clinic
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A mathematical modeling framework for ADCC is proposed with the intention of addressing the questions posed above across several ADCC-relevant therapies.
It also implies that if good ADCC antibodies were available prior to infection, via a vaccine, we might be able to stop the virus taking hold.
There is an urgent need to identify effective immunity to HIV and our studies suggest ADCC responses supply significant immune pressure on the virus," Dr Ivan Stratov, a clinician and researcher said.
The ADCC, although remarkably inter-denominational, seemed content with Garland's characterisation of the day as `Australia's All Soul's Day', the day on which Catholic Europe commemorated all the departed, obviously with a Requiem Mass.
Following extensive in-house studies and a successful alpha trial program, the ADCC Reporter Bioassay is now being adopted by global biologics companies as well as being offered as a service by Charles River Laboratories.
We continue to pioneer research in this area that could enable us to design next-generation agents, as well as treatment regimens to overcome the numerous barriers that tumors evolve to evade immune surveillance, including ADCC suppression.
The ADCC also acknowledged the efforts of their past presidents.
AccretaMab(R) platform consists of POTELLIGENT(R) and COMPLEGENT(R) Technologies, creating a superior antibody molecule with enhanced ADCC and CDC activities.
An emergency meeting was called and ADCC decided to stage the final between UBL and Alubond Tigers.
About XmAb High ADCC Technology XmAb High ADCC technology can increase the potency of therapeutic antibodies by specifically engaging the body's immune system against target antigen cells.
The AccretaMab(R) platform consists of POTELLIGENT(R) and COMPLEGENT(R) Technologies, creating superior antibody molecules with enhanced ADCC and CDC activities.
Promega will launch an ADCC reporter bioassay in 2011 as the first product offering from this partnership.