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ADCCPAdvanced Data Communications Control Procedures
ADCCPAdvanced Data Communications Control Protocol
ADCCPAdvanced Data Communications Control Procedure
ADCCPArmy Data Center Consolidation Plan
ADCCPAdvanced Digital Communications Control Protocol
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Three commonly used polynomials are x.sup.16 + x.sup.15 + x.sup.13 + x.sup.8 + x.sup.6 + x.sup.3 + x + 1 used by Griffiths and Stones [3] in their examples; x.sup.16 + x.sup.12 + x.sup.5 + 1, used in the X.25 standard (this polynomial is also called the CRC-CCITT or the ADCCP polynomial); and the CRC-16 polynomial x.sup.16 + x.sup.15 + x.sup.2 + 1 [1, 2, 5].
According to Bennett, the model 800 decodes more protocols than any other unit, including HDLC, X.25, SDLC, ADCCP, Bisync and DDCMP.