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ADCIAutomatic Display Call Indicator
ADCIActing Director of Central Intelligence (job title)
ADCIAssociation of Diving Contractors International, Inc
ADCIAmerican Die Casting Institute
ADCIAirport Design Consultants Inc. (Columbia, MD)
ADCIAssistant Deputy of Central Intelligence
ADCIAfrica Desertification Control Initiative (Nigeria)
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The business hub will also host leading coffee shops as part of a push for a new concept, a statement from ADCI said.
Taking smart living to new heights, the commercial tower will offer business ventures a community feel through more creatively designed spaces, said the statement from ADCI
Antibodies directed against merozoite antigens are thought to function by directly inhibiting invasion of new red cells, which will then stop further multiplication of parasites, or through ADCI. By adding immune plasma, which contains antibodies to growing parasites, the inhibitory function of the antibodies can be evaluated in comparison to parasites where no plasma has been added.
He added that the ADCI would organise a series of activities and annual programmes in line with the new corporate vision and objectives of the emirate and that this would require every citizen and official in Ajman to support the cause.
A maior casuistica de distocias maternas pode ser decorrente da apresentacao simultanea de mais de um feto, alterando a distribuicao e pressao na cervix e provavelmente influenciando sua dilatacao (THOMAS, 1990), ja que 76,7% dos casos devido a ADCI apresentavam gestacoes gemelares.
In the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1997, Congress established the Committee on Foreign Intelligence and the Committee on Transnational Threats within the NSC, enhanced the authority of the DCI over budgets and personnel, and created two deputy director positions under the DCI and three assistant DCIs (ADCI) to aid in community management activities.
Los anticuerpos, a traves de diversos mecanismos como el bloqueo de la invasion del parasito, la inhibicion del desarrollo intra-eritrocitico del parasito y la inhibicion mediada por celulas mononucleares (ADCI) (57,58,61), cumplen un papel central en la proteccion contra la fase sanguinea del parasito.
we have reached an accommodation with the Director of Central Intelligence on these positions, and we expect that the President to put forward a nominee for the position of Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Administration, or ADCI, soon.
ADCI was founded by TechBank, a Northern Virginia merchant bank.