ADCMAssistant Division Commander Maneuver
ADCMAssociate Director for Chemistry and Materials
ADCMActivation-Decision-Construction Model
ADCMArchbishop's Diploma in Church Music
ADCMAssistant Division Commander for Manpower
ADCMAbsolute Deviation from Class Median
ADCMAdvances in Data Communications Management
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ADCM launched its private equity investment business in January 2011, a vehicle via which it endeavours to acquire interests in
The efforts also produced a tactics manual, ADCM 3-1, "entitled F-106 Fighter versus Fighter Tactics.
ADCM launched the fund to address the compelling investment opportunity which has emerged due to both strong economic fundamentals of the Gulf states combined with liquidity shortfall.
The Qannas board once constituted will consist of four directors: three independent directors and the ADCM chief executive officer Jassim Alseddiqi.
Data were collected from the patients' diabetes record in the respective health care facilities and entered at point of care onto an on-line standard case record form (CRF) made available in the ADCM website by the attending physicians and paramedics who were trained prior for this data entry.
ADCM C 267, parish of lie d'Elle, senechaussee of La Rochelle.
Simmonds, Chairman and CEO of ADCM, "We are the only company delivering a national, dedicated horse racing television service to fans throughout the country.
For ADCM and the DIA EuroMeeting, members of the media should contact Maria Sumner at +44 1628 640743 or maria.
Another ADFG subsidiary, alternative investment firm ADCM Ltd, announced in May 2014 that it had signed an agreement to invest in building a business hotel in the Atlas Capital Center, Montenegro.
Abu Dhabi Capital Management has announced the final closing of its first fund; the ADCM Secondary Private Equity Fund closed at USD 45 million, three months after its launch in March 2011.
The ADCM Secondary Private Equity Fund had its first closing of $30 million earlier this month.
The new interchange on the Abu Dhabi-Al Sila international highway was opened, paving the way for the opening of the project in Al Ruwais Industrial Area, ADCM said.